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Cypress Cay Personal Pontoon Boats – It Really Is All in the Details

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Why choose new pontoon boats from Cypress Cay Pontoon? Ask Cypress Cay pontoon boat dealers, and they will say it’s because they are the best-built, most trustworthy pontoon boats available on the market. Custom pontoon boats from Cypress Cay are built to exacting standards, and are tested thoroughly to guarantee a problem-free day on the water every time you venture out.

Every person faces challenges in his/her life, but how one overcomes them is what truly matters. The same holds true for pontoon boats. Lakes will pound them with occasional waves, and unpredictable weather will unleash its fury from time to time. Unexpected twists and turns can quickly change a body of water into an obstacle course, and when your family or group of friends gathers aboard pontoon boats new, they’re going to use them for everything they’re worth. All boats on the water (including Bennington Pontoon Boats and Premier Pontoon Boats) face similar challenges. Thanks to the incredible construction components on fishing pontoon boats from Cypress Cay, they withstand and conquer them all. Cypress Cay is simply one of the best pontoon boat manufacturers.

Exclusive Multi-Chamber Pontoon Logs

Cypress Cay Pontoon uses more sections than its competitors, which provides more airtight compartments. Some pontoon manufacturers cut corners to keep prices down, but Cypress Cay ensures that every tube has a pie-crimped edge and 2-3 sealed compartments strengthened by welded baffles. These extra steps (which Bennington Pontoon Boats and Premier Pontoon Boats may not take) ensure your safe return to shore in the rare event one of the tubes gets punctured.

Our Wrap-Around Rubrail System

Cypress Cay pontoon boats new have a full wrap-around rubrail system with vinyl inserts for to further protect in case of a collision. The custom rubrail system eliminates the need for ugly corner caps that sometimes tear off causing damage to your pontoon’s deck. New pontoon boats include a C-channel at the bow and stern, this provides extra support for the rubrail. Our fishing pontoon boats and Personal Pontoon Boats both offer this added protection. Where other pontoon boat manufacturers cut corners, Cypress Cay goes the extra mile.

Cypress Cay’s Noise-Reducing Fence Panels

Our pontoon boat dealers will tell you that the fence paneling on our custom pontoon boats is processed through special rollers, which add an “imperial crimp” for increased rigidity. The fence paneling mounts into the welded rail sections, bound by foam tape where the panel makes contact with the support structure. This step, that many other pontoon manufacturers ignore, significantly reduces fence rattling.

Our 4-Step Water Prevention System

Cypress Cay assemblers apply butyl rubber tape to crossmembers, anywhere there is a deck joint, then apply a polyurethane sealant to the groove of the deck. They insert the tongue into the groove, finally covering the seam with more polyurethane sealant, which creates a leak-proof seal. This system keeps water from seeping up through the deck and into the carpet, preventing mold damage.

Water-Resistant, Durable Floors

Cypress Cay’s marine-grade carpeting is made of enhanced polypropylene fibers, and it is applied with an environmentally friendly, water-based adhesive.

Visit today to learn about all that we have to offer!



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