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D3 Demon Hunter Guide – Trap Setting Genius

  • Posted May 21, 2012
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Demon hunters, as their name manifest, are relentless hunters who hunt for demons and kill demons with hatred in Diablo 3 gold. Compared with monks who are agile, demon hunters are well-known for their ability to shoot at a distance. Compared with sorcerers who are remote attackers, demon hunters are physical attack focused. They are not as strong as monks. They are not as weak as sorcerers. As far as life points are concerned, demon hunters belong to medium level. Some one may hold that playing demon hunters is easier as demon hunters are balanced classes. In fact, whether you play demon hunters well will rely on your personal controlling skill.


First of all, it is obvious that demon hunters should keep away from foes. Generally, demon hunters are able to shoot enemies at a distance by scores of arrows and projectiles. As a ranged combat class, demon hunters never should bear the risks of being surrounded by enemies. But you happen to be under siege, you should use Vault Skill to tumble away. Or you can release Smoke Screen to make yourself invisible to escape from danger. In PvP, if you encounter a barbarian or monk, you should not be too cautious when they want to approach you. Kite them to slaughter them.


Secondly, always set traps. Demon hunters have lots of trap skills. Some trap skills can cause higher damage while others can slow enemies. Your strategies should be running all the time to avoid melee combat and setting traps and luring enemies into mines, caltrops, or steel-jawed traps. However, some clever players can heed where and when you post traps. In order to beat them down, you have to practice trap setting skill into perfect. In PvP, don’t be afraid of being chased by barbarians or monks. Set traps for them to step on and reduce their life points gradually.


However, sorcerers and wizard doctors who also focus on ranged combat will be a little hard to kill. And their attacks are magical orientation. When facing up with these two classes, I think, timing is the key point. Grab every opportunity to use your Shadow Power Skill to hide in the darkness. Set traps to kill them. If possible, you should disturb them to release even a skill. Who can seize the timing will decide the outcome of the battle.


All in all, to play Demon hunters require precise manipulation skill. Before you want to train your demon hunters well, you should buy cheap D3 gold to equip yourself well.


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