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Data field can be regarded as the ultimate field management application that assists in launching a mobile survey, undertaking audit & inspection as well as provide field operation solution. The survey app is useful in empowering the field agent working in different industrial segments as well as as sisting an organization in taking better control of their field activity. The application can be used for large scale data collection which can be directly fed into the dashboards of the client.

Data field has successfully helped several of its clients in adding value to their business by increasing the productivity & efficiency of field workers by over 30%, lowering costs by going paperless & reducing data entry errors, gaining more control over the field activities along with improving customer service, retention & credibility. The mobile survey application can be used in different business & industrial verticals including merchandising retail, audit & inspection, construction & real estate, insurance & legal sector as well as conference training.

Data field as a mobile app has proved quite useful in facility management which implies activities like security, caretaking, gardening, cleaning, maintenance operations and outdoor operations.  Bringing in a high degree of automization, it enables an organization to go paperless while taking care of inspections and delays in work schedules. Through this application a company can provide visual evidence to the client about the work being done for him. Being an app compatible with the latest technologies like android, this android app enables the field agent to take pictures with timestamp, GPS location and dedicated caption.

As a mobile survey application, it enables the user to conduct polls and take opinions anywhere with the help of mobile phone of the respondents. The users can also add visual performance indicators (VPI) in their reporting system so as to gain better control over the activities. Among the survey tools a latest one has emerged in the form of mystery shopping. Data field enables an organization in the retail sector to control and manage its outlets by as sisting in mystery shopping. The organization can know about the positioning of its product, its appearance on the shelves and take any corrective action regarding the flaw in the product positioning. In addition, vital information about the shops, sales figures and inventory account can also be obtained using data field. Through a functional & intuitive dashboard, this survey app provides complete details about the products in stock, missing products, next delivery dates as well as quantities delivered.

Working in three simple steps it is helping organizations across different industrial sectors in field management in a way like never before. Data field is available on its website All the necessary details and information about the survey app/mobile application can also be obtained from the website.


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