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Datafield is an Innovative, Economical, and Easy Way to Collect Data and Opinion!

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Datafield is the ultimate field management mobile application. This is an innovative and easy way to collect data and opinion using the mobile phones of expected respondents.  This mobile application acts as data capture software suitable for mobile survey campaign, onsite data collection, tracking system and real time data capture services.

Businesses and organizations can use Datafield in 3 simple steps: (i) creating forms and surveys using website, (ii) sending forms and surveys to the mobile phones of their expected respondents and (iii) collecting and applying smart filters to collected replies. Datafield has made everything about mobile survey and field workers mobile solution so easy and convenient that you can do it yourself with full clarity and easiness. All you need to log onto and to sign up for free to start using the services.

Datafield let you create 2 kinds of forms: Public forms and corporate or private forms. Public forms are ideal to reach a large audience easily. Anyone with the survey code can access and reply to your mobile forms. On the other hand, corporate surveys are password protected and can only be accessible by users you have previously selected.

The forms created on Datafield website are professionally designed questionnaires – tailored to your workflow and business needs – that include several kinds of questions such as single or multiple choices questions, text question, Yes/No/Don’t know question, ranking/scale question, likert question, gender question or email address. These forms are then sent to the mobile phones and tablets of users and they are asked to send replies, including relevant pictures or to input their signature. The date, time and place of those replies are also recorded.

As such, Datafield is a very powerful solution to save costs and improve your operation. Datafield will let you track your field workers as well as bring new Key Performance Indicators to your business. You’ll receive a live photo stream of your assets and operation, taken by your field agent.

Datafield has been designed with new regulation requirements in mind. With Datafield, companies can boast higher transparency and compliance to their customers and stakeholders’ requirements. Datafield mobile application is available on the Apple App Store and on the Android Google Play Store.

Datafield includes various template for several industries and business uses to help you save time. Some of the key fields of application for Datafield include: :

  • sales and after sales services
  • retail and merchandising
  • facility management
  • construction and real estate
  • audit, inspection and quality control
  • conference and training
  • mobile survey
  • local government polls and referendum
  • insurance and legal
  • street marketing and advertising
  • onsite due diligence

Visit for more information and sign up for free. In case you have any enquiry, you can simply drop an email to [email protected]   


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  • Posted On May 27, 2012
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