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Decorating your home with Chandelier lamps

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Iridescent stained glass…beautiful designs…deep, rich colors…these are some of the ways to describe the ever popular Chandelier lamps that bring unique beauty into our homes. Chandelier lamps have had their very own style through the years. They attractively adorned homes during the seventies and still do the same today. These brightly colored lamps add an unexpected dimension to any décor.

With elegant design and beautiful color Chandelier lamps can be used in any or every room of your home to create a warm and inviting atmosphere to your home. Unlike other lamps, Chandelier was designed to bring beauty into the home and room. The lamps are able to find a way of adding the color to the surrounding. The lamps are made using discarded glass pieces from stained glass panels to create unique designs. The Chandelier lampshades were then created by fitting hand cut glass pieces into copper foil enclosures. Since copper is very strong. Chandelier lamps are able to provide great, unusual and beautiful appearance of shades to the surrounding.

Chandelier ceiling lights are excellent for lighting up an entire room. Chandelier lamps come in all sizes as well. Lamps for the bedside table, desks, buffets, and even wall sconces are available. There are even styles of Chandelier billiard lights that conveniently hang above your billiard table and look classy at the same time. Chandelier floor lamps are perfect for those spaces that are smaller, but need a good light source. Chandelier chandeliers add instant elegance to any dining area. Wisteria blossoms, lily designs, the sun and moon, dragonflies and peacock feathers are designs often found in Chandelier lamps and can be matched to country décor or a more elegant home design.

During the daylight hours, a Chandelier lamp serves as an ornamental piece, but at night it adds warmth and a bit of magic to your home. At night, a Chandelier lamp can reflect diamond shaped or coin shaped designs against your wall, adding a coziness to the room. Reading by a Chandelier lamp is wonderful since they have a bright, yet soft, light. Many Chandelier lamps have stylish lamp bases that are curved like a swan’s neck or remind you of a flower stem. Simpler lamp bases are often made fashioned with a mahogany bronze finish to further compliment the hues of greens, plum violet, merlot, and gold in many of the Chandelier lamp shades. Wrought iron is another stunning accent to some Chandelier lamps.

Chandelier lamps can be placed in a kitchen, a recreation room, a dining room, a bedroom, a living room or even a bathroom and each area will appear more inviting. Chandelier lamps add a touch of elegance and class to any home’s décor and can match just about any color scheme.


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