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Decorating Your Room – Without Infuriating the Homeowner in Your Life

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Decorating your room is a pastime derived from the Neolithic period when cave men would carve on their own interpretations of the future one direction posters using pieces of slate and a damp wall.

Nowadays we have blue tack, frames and credit cards (for shopping, not engraving) so you don’t have to settle for your own poor drawings.

Here are 3 key ideas to revamping your living and sleeping space even if you are on a budget tighter than Katie Price’s forehead and you have an irate landlord/parent/homeowner to appease.

1) Scrap blue Tack, look at frames.

Music posters, band posters and art look great in nice, chunky wooden frames. Choose from a band poster of your favourites from years gone by (take that, anyone) your guilty

pleasures (one direction posters fit in here if you are over 25) or a piece of art work or a cult classic like a Marilyn Monroe poster and get it framed up in a thick black frame or a smooth oak.

Buy a big frame if you have a large wall and use it as a feature piece if your budget is more ‘heater fan’ than ‘marble fireplace’. If people mistake your living room for a storage

cupboard then why not use smaller prints hung around a mirror to reflect light and create the illusion of space. Of course, if space is so small you want people to leave and not clog up

your space, then you can always install ‘The Scream’ Poster…

2) Theme your rooms

If you love heavy metal, why not make a collage of all your music posters (e.g. your AC/DC Posters, Nirvana posters and even those Bruce Springsteen prints) and frame them in the shape of a music note on a plain wall?

You could go creative and arty with your band posters- creating lyrics from the Nirvana posters or recreating Ed’s hair with Ed Sheeran posters, or you could even chop up your JLS posters to recreate Aston’s face on your wall. The possibilities are endless (and sometimes, a bit weird.)

3) Use colour themes

Create a rainbow of delight and a visual trifle with your music posters and band prints all laid out in colour themes. With Adele posters in black, going to grey JLS posters, white Ed Sheeran posters heading all the way to the bright red ‘I’m a Gooner’ poster or similar, you can create a tropical scene worthy of a place in the museum of modern art if you put your mind to it.

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