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Decoration of the hotel – Interior design of hotels

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A proper design of the interiors of a hotel can significantly reduce maintenance costs and contribute to that exploitation is more profitable. Horizontal surfaces must be heat-resistant materials. As for furniture, in general should be of proven quality, capable of withstanding intense use.

The entrance and the lobby

It must be borne in mind that the main entrance of the hotel creates the first impression to customers, and that it should be pleasant. The furniture in the lobby can count on seats, sofas, low tables. You can also include desks, with their corresponding seats.

The reception of the hotel

The reception desk should be located in such a way that the client identifies you quickly, on their way to the elevators and stairs. It is important that counter cover available under an Oriole or tray for items. Normally it consists of different sections. As a minimum it will contain the goal, normally associated with the distribution of correspondence, behind the counter. Can also include counseling (although it can also be at a separate counter), box, telephone exchange, a safe, monitors, systems of call, a clock, wall, etc.

The salons

In the classroom, furniture typically consists of armchairs and low coffee tables.

Special mention require the halls of multiple uses, which can serve as a dance halls, halls for banquets, conference rooms or exhibitions rather than replace part of the furniture and materials appropriate to each use ground cover. These placements may also incorporate sliding screens that allow partitioning of space.

Bars and restaurants

The bars will require a countertop with sink hidden clients, seats and box. Moreover, they may require a safety locking device.

The restaurants will require chairs, tables and space for a cash register. They may also require indicators panels and a table for the first Maître.

The rooms of hotel

Hotel bedding must be resistant to deterioration, comfortable, quiet, and must have good presence, especially in the header. To ease the task the waitresses when changing sheets, should be that they are moving and the mattress is at a height of approximately 60 cm from the ground. To facilitate transfer and storage should be that they are easily removable.

In addition to the beds, the rooms of hotel require other pieces of furniture such as bedside tables, night, cabinets, a dresser, a desk, chairs, seats, foot and mirrors and table lamps. At least one of the mirrors must be full-length, and all of them must have independent lighting.

The furnishing of the rooms can be supplemented with other elements, such as a television, a cocktail, a safe, a refrigerator, a shorts, etc.


Whether it is a boutique hotel, restaurants or national chain our team of Hotel Designers & Restaurant Designers will work with you to create a unique experience for your guests.



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