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Deep Study of Hongxing Jaw Crusher Machine

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Crushing equipment is widely used in mining, metallurgical, construction, chemistry, petrochemicals, transportation, energy, building materials industry, suitable for crushing high hard, mid hard and soft rocks and ores such as iron ore, limestone, slag, marble, quartz, granite, cement, clinker and so on. Crushing equipment features large crushing rate, high yield, equal product size, simple structure, reliable operation and easy maintenance, economic operating costs etc.

Scientific and reasonable method of operation of the actual application, not only can prolong the life of the crusher can also improve the production efficiency, Henan red star to jaw crusher precautions have the following instructions in the real action crusher should pay attention to matters. The crushing way of deep-cavity jaw crusher is twisting extrusion type.

Motor drives the belt and pulley and make the moving jaw do the up-and-down motion through the eccentric shaft. When the moving jaw rises, the angle between toggle plate and moving jaw becomes larger so that the moving jaw plate can be pushed to the fixed jaw plate and at the same time; limestone is multiple crushed by extruding, twisting and grinding. When the moving jaw descends, the angle between toggle plate and moving jaw turns smaller so that the moving jaw plate can leave the fixed jaw plate with the action of lever and spring and at this time, crushed limestone are discharged from the crushing chamber. With the continuous rotation of the motor, the moving jaw will do the periodic smash and blow down, achieving the mass production of limestone.

The main structure of jaw crusher is composed of main frame, movable jaw plate, fixed jaw plate, cheek plate, guard plate, eccentric shaft bearing, eccentric shaft, toggle plate, adjustment setting and so on. Among them there are some wear parts that need replacement. Remind you to follow this basic maintenance, If pay attention to these, jaw crusher can better run and extend the life. cement plant:
stone crusher plant:

1. Before the operation or maintenance of jaw crusher, make sure you have studied manual and received training in safe operation. To determine if the accident happens, you know how to turn off the machine.

2. Maintenance of equipment should use a qualified part and the right tools

3. Use the lubricant recommended instructions

4. To report to their superiors any anomaly related equipment

5. Before the maintenance of jaw crusher, all electrical control devices and electric motors should be power outages, locked, and posted with maintenance of identity.

6. When the equipment operation, not to carry out lubrication, cleaning, repair or maintenance work

7. For risk markers do not operate switches or valves

8. Only qualified workers can be carried out

As is known to all, jaw crusher the lining of the board with using the time with the increase of the wear continuously, make row ore mouth become big and the granularity of product coarsens, so in order to get to meet the requirements of particle size, adjust the row of ore mouth (namely the material mouth) feet inch is necessary, mainly in the following two methods to adjust: First, the thrust of the bearing plate after a back and put a wall frame between group gaskets, through the increase or decrease in the number of gasket, change to adjust the thickness of the ore.

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