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Dehn el Oudh – An everlasting oriental fragrance

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The word ‘perfumes’ or fragrances evoke the mystical aura of fine smell while making them one of the most demanding wardrobe accessories in the world. The whole marketplace is blessed with a plethora of fragrances that makes the main constituent of a perfume. From spicy to floral, the world perfumes have always captivated the mankind with its mysterious appeal and essence.

Oudh is derived from the wood of the tropical Agar or Aquilaria tree. Oudh is highly preferred by perfumers all over the world for its sweet, woody and aromatic scent. Widely used in different forms like as an oudh oil (Dehn el Oudh) or as a raisin (oudh mubakhar), it is formulated with the natural process. The process works like the wood of this tree gets infected with a certain variety of mould i.e. Phialophora parasitica. Then, it further reacts to produce a precious, dark and fragrant resin that ultimately makes a great perfume ingredient oudh or agarwood.

Oudh oil which is extracted by distillation from wood or by melting the raisin can be directly applied to the sun and is highly irritating. Further, it can be added in a composition of a perfume noticeably as a base note. Dehn al oudh perfume for men and women belongs to the oriental family of woods. It works magically by emanating light flowery, fruity, woody and musky fragrance. Well, to a certain extent we can also say that Dehn el oudh surpasses other designer perfumes in terms of quality.

One of the finest perfume from the Middle East region, Dehn el oudh oil range is made to elevate the mood of the user. Its rich oriental appeal makes it a wonderful giveaway item that will be cherished by the receiver for the lifetime. This is because it comes beautifully packed in a bottle and deserved to the ultimate piece of utility as well as decoration. The high demand, rarity and difficulty of harvesting the raw material makes Dehn el oudh one of the most expensive perfume oil in the world. Impressively, its value is estimated to be as 1.5 times to that of the value of gold, and this valuation reiterate the fact why it is referred to as ‘liquid gold’.

The choice of a particular fragrance also reflects person’s personality. All in all, we can say that the mood of the people speak volumes about the various fragrance of the perfume they choose. The basic notes present in the perfume oil develop to create a wonderful aura to encourage romance to further create magic. The subtle romantic beauty and grace of the fragrance oil creates a dramatic ambience all around that is quite enchanting and charismatic to the senses. It takes only a drop or two of Dehn el oudh to stay fresh and rejuvenated all through the day. Contrastingly, Dehn el oudh is alcohol-free unlike other perfumed oils. Therefore, its use will not dry the skin. On the other hand, it will create a pleasant and soft fragrance all around. Dehn al oudh fragrances for men and women are formulated to linger on in the minds of the people for a long period of time.


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