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Delhi Open Schools And Faridabad Schools: Lighting Up The Lights

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Delhi is a major metropolitan city and is the capital of the country. Being the main educational center, the city boasts some of the most renowned schools of the country. Apart from the regular schools Delhi is also home to some Open Schools. Open Schools are the non formal education institutions that impart education and training to the students. The very main reason for the existence of the open schools is the high dropout rates in the different parts of the country.Open schools offer a non-formal system of education, wherein the children are not required to attend the classes daily. Students are supposed to collect their study material from any recognized study center of National Open School and they can even interact with their teachers.  The study centers are classified as – Accredited Institutions, Accredited Vocational Institutions and Special Accredited Institutions for the Education of the Disadvantaged.

Open schools in Delhi are operational under the administrative body of National Institute of Open Learning which is a national board of education for open school in India. The exams of these schools are conducted twice in a year. Open schools of Delhi are:
•    Shiksha Bharti Public School
•    New Oxford Public School
•    SDM Model Secondary School
•    Panacea National Public School
•    Kamal Model Senior Secondary School
•    Government Sarvodaya Co Educational Senior Secondary School
•    National Institute of Open Learning
The schools provide number of Vocational, Life Enrichment and community oriented courses besides General and Academic Courses at Secondary and Senior Secondary level. Some of them also offers Elementary level Courses through its Open Basic Education Programmes (OBE).

Faridabad is the largest city in the Indian Northern state Haryana. Faridabad enjoys a prime location both geographically and politically and it is also termed as one of the industrial hubs of the state. Faridabad schools are efficient and have earned proper reputation due to their educational practices and facilities provided to the students. The schools in city are either administered by the government or by the private organization. The affiliation of the schools varies from CBSE, ICSE to the State board.

The schools that are established with an aim of achieving greater heights in Faridabad are Vidya Sagar International School, Emerald Convent School, Aggrawal Public School, Vinayak Convent School, SSM Senior Secondary School, Gold Field Public School, Rose Mount Public School, Adarsh Vidya Niketan Senior Secondary School, Rawal Senior Secondary School, Grand Columbus International School, Divine Public School and DAV Public School.

Schools in Faridabad are available in many categories such as co educational schools, all girls’ schools, all boys’ schools, day boarding and play schools. The vision of all these schools is to cater the education that is modern and supports moral values at the time. The schools in city offer a range of subjects and students are never put under any academic pressure but are always encouraged to do better than before. Extracurricular activities and sports are also considered as the main part of schooling education therefore interschool competitions are also organized to develop confidence and a spirit of winning in the students.

Parents can locate Open schools in Delhi or Delhi open Schools from the authentic list of schools and can apply to the schools of their choice online. Parents can search for Schools in Faridabad .


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