Professional Tablet PC

It is the age of the Tablet PC which is on the threshold of creating a revolution in the Indian Market. One of the major manufacturers of the most well-known Dell Tablet PC, Dell India Limited has made waves with its latest offering, the Dell Latitude ST Tablet. It is the only Tablet PC in the country that is Windows enabled power in the embodiment of a touch screen slate or well known as the Tablet PC. The Dell Latitude ST Tablet is a unique amalgamation of the mobility of the tablet with the ability of management, total security and compatibility that one could anticipate from the Dell Latitude ST Tablet.


The Dell Latitude ST Tablet weighs less than 900 grams and can be carried around with an ease anywhere the user wants to take it. The screen size of 270 mm, it is sufficient to work on the applications that the user wants to use. The Dell Tablet PC is powered by the Intel Atom processor and operates on the Windows 7 Operating System, an OS which is well known and most popular. The user can easily produce and edit business documents that are compatible with the Dell Latitude ST tablet. This Dell Tablet PC could easily be managed as any other Personal Computer and is endowed with Enterprise class security characteristics.

Specialized Tablet PC

The Dell Tablet PC is user friendly and is compatible with the Windows 7 business environment that assists the user to get his work completed almost anywhere. This tablet PC has been designed and created for professionals who spending their time away from their desks. This tablet PC provides a perfect balance between a Tablet PC and the traditional Personal Computer thereby increasing the productivity of the user.

Windows Based Tablet PC

The Dell Tablet PC has been incorporated with the prevalent Microsoft environment and has the Windows 7 Operating System for extraordinary computing power. The productivity of the Dell Tablet PC Latitude ST can be enhanced with a complete suite of business applications under the Windows Office to enable the user to manage his business in a productive manner. The security features that have been incorporated in the Dell Tablet PC ensure protection of both academic and personal data with an encrypted optional Trusted Platform Module coupled with an additional theft protection facility. The connectivity of the Dell Tablet PC is widespread as it can be connected to a mouse, wired network, a mouse and a printer. The Dell Latitude ST Tablet price in India is available at an affordable price of Rs. 36,000.00 which is quite economically priced as compared other highly priced Tablet PCs in the country.

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