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Dell Streak 7 Tab a Functional Tablet PC

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There is an abundance of Tablet PC in the country and there are a large variety of manufacturers of Tablet PC producing some of the latest and state of the art technology that are become a craze with the most branded labels endeavoring to make it to the top. Dell Electronics Corporation is one of the largest electronic companies the world over and has prevailed on the Indian scene. Dell has been engaged in production of top of the line products and has made incursions in the Indian market. One of the latest new Dell Tablet PC has been announced that has caught the attention of Tablet PC lovers across the country.


Dell Streak 7 – Advanced features: The Dell Streak 7 is a Dell Tablet PC and being one of the recent offerings of tablet PCs has been integrated with some of the marvelous features. The latest Dell Streak 7 has been designed with the Gorilla Glass that protects the screen from scrapes and external damages. This Dell Tablet PC comes with a 7 inches touch screen display operating on the Android Operating System. The launch of the Dell Streak 7 tablet PC has been a follow up on the resounding success of the Streak 5. The user interface in the Dell Streak 7 is the same and provides the user with high speed connectivity such as GPS for ease of navigation, 3 G and Wireless LAN Wi-Fi. One of the most amazing facts about the Dell Streak 7 is that it is a complement of superb functionalities and its awesome enticing and alluring appearance.


The alliance of the Dell tablet with the Android 2.1 version and the 4G is one of the finest characteristics of the Dell Streak 7. Some of the most advanced features of the Dell Streak 7 are only available in some of the best Tablet PC. With the 5 megapixels cameras which also allow the user to record videos at 720p that is integrated with the front 1.3 megapixel cameras that are excellent for video chatting and making self-portraits.


High Priced Tablet PC:

It is expected that the Dell Streak 7 price in India would be available at a slightly higher price when compared to other Tablet PC prices. It is estimated that the Dell Streak 7 price would be approximately Rs. 39000/- and would not be easily affordable by everyone. The Dell Streak 7 has the capability of supporting an internal storage of 32 GB that would provide with ample storage capacity that would not require external memory cards in order to extend the memory capacity. The light weight of the Dell Streak 7 Tablet PC offers an ease of portability which make it a totally functional device.


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  • Posted On June 5, 2012
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