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Dental Veneers – How Long Does The Treatment Take?

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Dental Veneer is a kind of Cosmetic Dentistry. Veneer is a thin porcelain layer which is placed over the surface of tooth. It is done to either protect the damaged surface of tooth or to change the hue and shape of tooth. By using Dental Veneers, the uneven alignment of teeth can also be treated. The chips and cracks in teeth are also treated through Dental Veneers.  This Cosmetic Dentistry is done to bring your perfect smile back.

To give desired results, Cosmetic Dentist may take a considerable time. The treatment through Dental Veneers is approx. two months long. First a detailed examination of patient’s mouth is carried out. This examination includes taking an X-ray of the mouth to check on its general health. On the basis of health of mouth, the success of a dental treatment can be judged.

In the appointment with Cosmetic Dentist, a patient can explain what changes in teeth he/she is expecting. A treatment plan is laid out in accordance to patient’s requirements and concerns. Then, impressions of teeth are taken to fabricate Dental Veneers. After that Veneers are placed over teeth surface with the help of glycerin or water. Hence, Veneers are perfectly fitted. The color of Veneers cannot be altered once Veneers are affixed to teeth. Then chemicals are used to cleanse teeth. A light beam is use to set the glue between teeth and Veneer. Dental Veneers last for about fifteen years. Till then, there is no need for replacing Veneers.

It is always advised to choose reliable Dental Care Center which makes use of advanced dentistry and modern technology based dental instruments for dental care. The advanced technology makes the procedure of Cosmetic Dentistry very quick. In fact, a patient can easily get rid of the painful procedures of dentistry. There are many Dental Care Centers which charge very affordable prices for dentistry sessions nevertheless using advanced technology for dental care. Besides, Dental Care Centers can also be visited for curing other dental problems like tooth ache, gum disease, bad breath, etc.

Thus, one can maintain one’s smile for ever with the help of  Dental Veneers. Whenever one smiles, it should be done with a confidence. This confidence can be brought back by the beautiful smile through Cosmetic Dentistry.
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  • Posted On July 25, 2012
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