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Design models will Buy embarrassing like to get rid of the bad street

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Design models will Buy embarrassing like to get rid of the bad street
Want to wear clothing with their own personality characteristics, but found the street from time to time will emerge wearing the same with his sister paper. Although the confidence to wear than others, more beautiful, but how much I then point “in”. That being the case, then go follow the pace of the designer’s chanting, rotten Street clothing will no longer appear in your body slightly ~ ~!
01 T-shirt jeans shorts, even if such a match nothing new, but as long as the girls dressed like this, gives the sense of vitality to the infinite sun. To stand out from, not only T-Shirt to be simple enough unique design of denim shorts can not be ignored. The location of seam in the pants as a decorative coin size button and in Kukou the end of the inverted V-design, originally covered legs suddenly get unlimited herve leger sale extension, the beauty of proportion will come naturally.
02 stripes of the wild skill is self-evident, the face of bad street stripes pattern a single product, how kind of unusual? In general, the side effects of horizontal stripes are fat, to be stylish and wild, and not have side effects, then may wish to use the designer to create micro-deformation stripes, take a look at small bending curvature is more thin it!
03 cream color this season not to be missed and must have a single product, when it is hit with the fluorescent color in full bloom so bright colors, sunshine, moonlight, all eyes focus to children. Overhangs the green fine version of the waist of the belt beam, comparable to the model body type, the proportion of vacant born.
04 from the jacket to the body, and then downloading, the only difference is, downloading the stripes but do not need to deformation, it is more straight, the better. This gives the impression that is not fat Oh! But herve leger outlet the slender legs! Visually, the pants really enlarge expansion, but against the backdrop of the legs is not on the thinning of it!
05 Jane T-shirt waist pants radish thick legs sister’s favorite colors, nature is a distinct and a low-key slightly the ~ thirty-seven percentage body type in color than the natural formation. Even though T-shirt similar, simple LOGO design, clothing fabrics, comfort in the consideration, the encounter can merger of these two factors, T-shirts can decisively shot!
06 loose blouse, the shy fat hiding them, lantern sleeve modification, butterfly sleeves wrapped without a trace. Micro through the knitted fabric, the choice of the same color vest which definitely established by 5kg! Favorite campus wind, it may be the department’s bow and shorts or short skirts with pure and fresh feeling spread like wildfire.
07 say that the solid color is difficult to control, being in light gray stitching on the wave point how? Without herve leger dresses on sale the use of a large area, but dotted between the collar, deep large V neck visible, release the top three buttons, showing off the sexy collarbone at the same time, the face has also been modified. Cuff strap design elastic random, by showing a sense of elegant leisure into, highlighting the unique dress sense.
08 blooming flowers fleeting, depicted above the T-shirt has a timeless beauty. The normally open undefeated United States, also carved physique of the petite and delicate. Precision of cotton, linen texture, which is also wearing experience is remarkable. This summer, it is accompanied by, destined refreshing.
09 gradient of printing out there in the white dress, the temperament of its distribution very classical beauty. Blue and white pattern and chest treasure blue patch of natural integration, Drawstring straps cross the chest but also brought together a little like a waterfall to leave such a beautiful scenery, a sight to behold.
10 gradient of printing and dyeing to highlight the international big range of children, coupled with large flowers large flower stamp to help out, its star posture is full. Arc hem modified thick thigh on both sides, the legs of the lines stretch. Semi-fixed belt neat bundle to the waist, can also be free to reverse on one side, and how to shape, depends on personal preferences easily transform.


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