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Design Your Own Custom Shirt to Look Different From Others

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In the world of technology, grab the opportunity to order your clothes online. We are MyOnlineTailor and delivering quality custom shirts and suits. We are among those tailors who have started tailoring many years ago. But, since last ten years people use the internet more for shopping than local retail shop. Then we started our business online parallel local business. Because of our quality, we become the best online Tailor. You will get a secure login and transaction, low cost, quick turnaround and the fast customer service. You can easily order and get instant delivery with excellent fit. You can take your own artwork and jump into our Virtual Lab to design your shirts, or use our designs to create your customized shirts and suits. With our online tailor store, you don’t need to drive to your local store. You can save time and money. You can also get frustrated when you don’t get quality tailor. Sometime local store tailors take more time to prepare your clothes. When you come at MyOnlineTailor, you don’t need to worry about all above issues. We are sure you will definitely like our Tailor Made Suits. When we unsatisfactory response from customers, we arrange necessary alteration for our clients. It is free of cost. We keep our eye on customers’ budget. Before tailoring we tell you the exact price of your clothes. We don’t add any charges when the order gets finished.

Custom Shirt

To make custom shirt, we provide you a large selection of designs shirts with top quality fabric. You can select your own text and we will print that on your shirt. You can also send the design and photo. If you have a group and want to make special identical custom shirt, we are the best way to do that. Shirts are available all sizes like S, M, L, XL, XXL etc.  The Custom Dress Shirt is an exclusive among diverse shirts. Its collar makes a nice impact on you. Wear your personalized shirts to become the center of attraction.

Custom Suits

Our suits collection includes men’s suits, business men suits, casual suits, designer suits, wool suits, dress suits and fancy suits. They are available in different colors, size and styles. You can enjoy unlimited customization with us. Our tailors are expert in this area and serving our customers since last many years. They give you excellent fit, high steadiness, great shape and unique pattern. We are preparing 3D design tool, which is very helpful to design your shirts and suits perfect fit. Features of MyOnlineTailor: Low cost value of the tailoring fine collection of fabric like Super 110s to 140s merino wool, Super 160s wool, 100% merino wool and cashmere, Tropical wool, Wool and mohair. All our imported from England and Italy. We always follow what we have committed to our customers. We put customer above everything. If you have any question we always assist you. We are self owned factory. We’ve simplified the whole tailoring process into a straightforward, and fun, experience.

Order from our online store and get up to 10% discount.

Get the finest fit clothes from MyOnlineTailor under economic rates. If you are cloth lover then you will definitely like Custom Shirt. Enjoy your loving Custom Suits tailored by them.


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