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Design Your Table With Linen Tablecloth

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Today tables are not just for keeping things and eating meals, they are also the style quotient of the owner of the house. It is not always that a bare table looks good, a good table cloth is essential for a pretty looking table. Table cloths are not only a piece of cloth to cover the bare top of the table but they also make the table something more than just a piece of furniture. Table cloths also come in different material like our clothes, so, you can easily get table covers of cotton, satin, linen, nylon etc. No matter how expensive your table and other dining accessories are, they remain incomplete without an elegant looking table covers.


Previously linens were mostly used to make table cloths and the linen table cloth were most popular than other materials. The material linen is originally acquired from the extracted fibres of a flax plant. It was most expensive and elegant material used mainly for clothing and decorative purpose. Linen table cloths are still well accepted all the home owners as they render a serene and elegant look to the table as well as to their house interiors. But today, linens are not made up of original fibres from flax plant, they are machine made so, they lack the lustre of originality to some extent.

Linen tablecloth

The linen table cloths mainly appeals to the female eyes because of their lustre and texture. Not only that, linen table cloths also add gleam to the room and obviously to the table. They come in bright colours and excellent feel. The feel of the linen table cloth is one of the reasons why people prefer them. But the main advantage of linen tablecloth is its water absorbing capacity. Drops of water and other liquids vanish immediately if it is spilled accidentally on the table cloth. This quality makes it more appealing and eligible for serving as dining table cloths.

Linen table cloth care

Linen table cloths are very easy to handle if you just take a little care while washing and ironing it. Linen table cloths are durable and the best thing about it is that it is insect resistant, and therefore it is easy to store. They also don’t lose lustre easily and thus, you can use them for longer period of time.

Linen table cloths are easily available in the market and there are companies who are popular for them. Some companies offer you a linen set consisting of a table cloth, table runners and napkins of linen. Linen table clothes are available in various sizes and also for different types of tables.

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