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Designing Jewelry – A Fascinating Craft

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A fact revealed by many archaeological sites is that the making and designing of jewelry has been around for thousands of years. What is so interesting about this field, or form of art work, is that it can be done on any level. You can discover some amazing independent jewelry craftsmen with a lot of experience who can do some amazing work. You then have large manufacturers who produce multiple pieces from the same design. It all starts with a basic concept and boils down to the creativity of the designer. Clearly, the people working in this field have a very high level of creativity when one considers how many different designs are manufactured every year.

There is high demand for the designer fashion jewelry created by such houses as Cartier, Dior, Chanel and Tiffany, as well as many others. This high-quality designer jewelry is crafted by the top people in their field and they use only the best materials. Clearly these designers only work with the sought-after and expensive metals available for their pieces – such as the highest quality gold, silver, and platinum. You may even find some of the most expensive gemstones included in this high-fashion designer jewelry, such as Red Beryl Emerald, Black Opal, Blue Garnet, and Red Diamonds. You cant make a better investment than in the purchase of true designer jewelry made from the best materials. It will be an asset that will be in your family for years. You can include in your collection a mixture of modern-contemporary pieces for a fun look, and the more classic traditional pieces for a more formal look.

Perhaps you have silver jewelry and want to know the grade of silver used in it, whether it is sterling or plated? There are two different ways for you to find what your jewelry really is. By examining your jewelry using nitric acid, you can find out the reality of your silver.

Sterling silver will make the nitric acid turn cloudy, and also a gray color. If the drops form a green color, then of course that signifies the jewelry is silver plated. Not everyone wants to run their own test, but your local jeweler will do it for you.

You will find an incredible selection when you go shopping for contemporary jewelry, and this is another type in our discussion. The fashion industry continues to change, advance, and progress and the top fashion designers annually present their new products annually. So this naturally plays into contemporary jewelry since this is all about creating and hopefully starting new trends. When the new lines of contemporary jewelry, as well as designer clothing, are released each year its anybodys guess which products will be loved and which hated. But, thats the way it goes in the fashion world. We pay a lot of attention to what our public figures wear – both in clothing and jewelry – and movie stars and singers, especially, have a big affect on what becomes popular and trendy. Its astonishing how women everywhere will copy the style of their favorite public figure, whether in the movie industry, the music industry, or even politics.

These are just a few of the reasons women love fashion jewelry. Its not the price tag that matters when youve found the perfect piece of jewelry – its the feeling of confidence that comes with knowing youve found the perfect accessory.

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