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DesignJet Plotters: A Sound Investment?

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The use and the shape of plotters has certainly changed over the years, and the machines themselves have become a lot more versatile than they once were. Once a very specialised and very specific piece of equipment for a very specific job, a plotter is now standard fare in more businesses than you might expect. Buying and using the right one is still something that may take a lot of research, but the increased choice available on the market is a testament to the fact that with the right plotter, the job you are doing will be a lot easier. As with so much that exists in the world of information technology, the plotter market is one that sees a lot of action from Hewlett Packard – more commonly referred to today as HP. When it comes to high performance and user friendliness, there can be no doubt that HP is a major player, and their efforts in the plotter market are best illustrated by their DesignJet range, which is growing by the year and considered by many to be the last word in commercial plotters. Wise investment is an essential when it comes to getting the right machine, after all. Like many of the plotters available today, the DesignJet range is actually a lot more sophisticated than a simple plotter. In fact, it is felt by experts to be more of a printer than a plotter, with more functionality than a plotter. This is neither a criticism nor that much of a revelation. A significant number of the plotters available on the market today are actually wide format printers. That means that they do everything a plotter does as well as performing all of the functions of a standard printer – and more. Buying a printer that is just recently released can of course leave a substantial dent in your budget, and one way that purchasers are working to reduce that is by buying refurbished plotters that are like new in every significant way – that is to say that they work just the same and have the same length of operation that a new printer would have. All the working parts are new, although you may find it difficult to get one with as extensive a warranty as the new ones. However this is more than made up for by the exceptionally low price. It is also easy enough to shop for refurbished parts for HP DesignJet plotters if one of yours fails – and this can be a very beneficial option if you don’t want to pay the often steep call-out costs for an engineer to come out and fix the machine. Whichever part you need, there are market options out there which will suit any pocket, and allow you to run a machine that seemed doomed, or indeed upgrade a machine without paying through the nose for a new one. The author is a design professional who is conversant with the HP DesignJet Plotters on the market; he is an enthusiast who has read and researched thoroughly on HP DesignJet Parts.


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  • Posted On February 15, 2012
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