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Diablo 3 and WOW 5.0 Cannot Run Simultaneously

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    Warcraft and Diablo are two famous Blizzard game, each one has numerous gamers in the world, and there are a lot of players not only play WOW, but also play Diablo.

    Until present, the World of Warcraft 4.3.4 and “Diablo 3″ Beta 2 are no problem along, and can be run simultaneously. However, the good times are soon coming to an end, because WOW5.0 and D3changed have changed the installation program, the two should first checked to open runner after running the profile update, so, the two masterpiece are incompatible, and If you open a WOW5.0 then try to run the D3, you will be prompted to shut down WOW first.

    It seems each of Blizzard 2 masterpieces must be spend a lot of time and energy to play well and is not easy, perhaps this setting was made to remind the players though they take into account, they cannot play well, or wow, or “Diablo 3 “, can only choose one to play. Only turn off to another game when you tired to play a game, and play games also need specificity.

    Of course, I guess if installing a virtual machine, then install one game in the virtual machine, perhaps the two game can run simultaneously with each other, of course, I am lacking of the knowledge of machine configuration and do not have an attempt in this area, your machine which configure high-end can have a try.

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  • Posted On May 10, 2012
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