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“Diablo 3″: there are players reaching the Paragon 93

  • Posted September 4, 2012
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Diablo 3 launched the pinnacle level Paragon system in the 1.04 version.

This system needs to update 100 levers,and then the sum of huge experience is very horrible. As early as the time when the system was launched, players summarized that the entire pinnacle level required roughly 10.4 billion experience points. It needed 181 days to complete in accordance with the ordinary player game experience.

Obviously it is not real life to play games without rest. In common sense, the average person takes about six months to a year to complete the upgrade process of the peak level.

However, according to the data of the scanned diabloprogress website, the world’s first “peak level” has reached 93. How many days does it take? It is just two weeks since the game 1.04 version open on August 21. The U.S. service players called “Alkaizer” Albert has completed the game while others need to take six months or even a year. Although Diablo 3 peak level of experience of the last 10 values ​​accounted for 27% of the overall, but the great God 2 completed the 80% upgrade for just two weeks. What a miracle it is! Could you image?

It is forecasted that the players will complete 100 around September 8 if he maintains the same speed as before. Just 20 days to complete the peak 100! Do you tremble, mortals!

How does he do it? It cannot be so fast even if he spent the 24-hour day and night in endlessly leveling. As far as I know, most of the friends around are still 10-20 or so, a little faster to break the 30 mark. I think everyone will be curious about his magic act.

How is that? Does it make you ashamed? How about your peak level system?

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