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Diablo Issue #4 of the Comic Book Sword of Justice Out Now

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As we all know that the comic book Sword of Justice is a five-part Diablo III comic by DC Comics, which is written and drawn by Joseph Lacroix and Aaron Williams, the latter known for the Wildstorm series North 40. Blizzard has officially announced that the fourth part of the comic book has been available on both store shelves and online now, if you are interested in it, you can take it home.

Continuing the story based on the hit video game! Jacob, armed with the Sword of Justice continues his quest to discover the source of the rage plague near Staalbreak! If left unchecked, this evil may threaten all of Sanctuary! Issue #4 of this series chronicles Jacob’s exploits in his plague-ridden home, Staalbreak. Aided by the headstrong wizard Shanar, the young fugitive risks execution to find salvation for the city’s maddened populace. But can Jacob make a difference before the affliction overwhelms his troubled kinsmen?

You can now buy the comic book with $2.99 at DC Comics on Comixology, meanwhile, you can also buy it from some Local Comic Retailers.

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  • Posted On May 31, 2012
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