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Difference between a Netbook and a Laptop – Which one should you buy and Why?

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Laptop and Netbook are cartable form of the bulky Desktop computers. They allow same facility as the massive desktop but there is a massive distance in the size of the hardware and component of both. Laptop was portable version of Desktop which you can carry with you wherever you want and access it. The size was still bigger for the users hence the laptop manufacturers have manufactured ultra compact version of desktop called Netbook which has smaller screen then Laptop and are very light weight.
We can correlate Laptops and Netbooks as per their advantages and disadvantages which are:
1. Laptops have big screens so that you can have good look at the stuffs you are doing on the other hand Netbooks have smaller screens which makes them ultraportable devices Laptops do have facilities to chose between various screen sizes on the other hand Netbooks do have only fixed 10″ screen size.
2. Laptops have good sound quality, picture quality, bright screen but short battery backup on the other side netbooks have small sound, picture quality but have bright screen and expended battery backup so you can work comparatively more than Laptops.
3. The laptop are still larger then netbooks and weighs more so you have to have a independent bag for that on the other side hand Netbooks are ultraportable and scales less, you can carry them in your hand bag also.
4. The processor used in the Laptops can be as same as the Desktop computers but for Netbooks have less powerful processor comparative to Laptops and Desktops.
5. Netbooks do not provide place for CD drive because they are ultraportable and low in size as well as weight then Laptops but in Laptop you can have everything you require.
6. You can enjoy High Quality games by upgrading the RAM and Graphic Card and have experience comparable to the Desktop PC but on the other face Netbooks have less dominant processor and less RAM capacity.
7. In the price estimation Netbooks are cheaper than the Laptops.
8. The main disadvantage of both Laptop and Netbook is that it’s tough to upgrade the configuration.
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