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Difference Between Sympathy Flowers & Funeral Flowers

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Flowers are the best thing which you can gift on a happy occasion but you must have noticed that flowers are also given on other occasions which are sad and which actually about mourning and crying. There are times when a person loses someone close to him/her forever, the reason can be a broken relation or a death, flowers can be given to sharing your emotions and feeling to a person who is going through a tough phase of life, read along to know more about it.

Do you think that Sympathy flowers, funeral flowers, gifting flowers all are same? There is a huge difference between these three categories of flowers and you need to be careful while choosing flowers for somebody as no one would like to receive colourful flowers in case there is a funeral.

If you feel confused when it comes to choosing flowers for sad occasions? All you need to be careful while making those choices, let us have a look at some of the points which will help you to pick the right flowers as per the occasion:

Pick the light colours: If you are sending flowers to cebu for a funeral then the best option is to go for the flowers which are light in colour as it is not a happy occasion you are going but rather a heart-breaking scene where your flowers will reach as a token of condolence. Choosing the wrong flowers can also hurt the sentiments of a person who has lost somebody, thus you need to ensure that you choose the right bunch of flowers for a funeral.

Selecting the flowers: There are some particular which are considered fine when it comes to choosing for a funeral, most of the people prefer to give while roses, lilies and such other flowers which can soothe the heart of a person. It will be a bad idea to choose a colourful bunch of flowers.

When we compare sympathy flowers with the funeral flower, there is a great difference between two of these, you can show sympathy in case of an accident, some theft or any other instance and as per that you can also choose the flowers which can also include some colourful options but in the case of a funeral, you need to be very selective while choosing flowers otherwise you may end up hurting the sentiments of a person.


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