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Different styles of wedding invitations

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Organizing  a wedding is all about some steps taken in the correct order and at the correct  time. When it comes to wedding invitations, several ideas strike in our mind ,so before sending out the Wedding Invitations it is necessary to look at the style that fits best for your invitation. There are many styles that are normally used in finding out the perfect wedding invitation


Theme Wedding

If you want a grand wedding you can include a unique theme in your wedding. For this you can include the floral theme-fall roses on invitation , or heart shape invitations. You can also include the vintage art on the wedding cards that shows a Victorian feel.



As we all know that traditional theme is very simple that’s why it remains the favorite choice of every couple in every season. A rectangular shape which is made from one sheet is known as traditional wedding invitation. Usually in this style printing is done in scripted font on the front of the invitation without any embellishment or designs. This style is commonly used in formal weddings. It is the favorite choice of couples because of it’s simplicity.



The contemporary style of wedding invitation is something that is extremely distinct from traditional style. It can be modify by the couple in any form and size according to their own requirement and wish. The couple can also include their photo on it. There are several fantabulous choices of modern wedding invitation as well as traditional Indian Wedding Cards available in the market  to choose from.




If you want to mix the two diverse culture in your wedding you can place the cultural designs and ideas on your wedding invitations. These can include using the painting of the hands as designs, or you can use traditional colors and designs of the Indians or Americans. Cultural motifs on wedding invitations is becoming quite popular.


Transparent Wedding

Transparent sheet wedding invitations are the newer invitation. You can place photograph on the top of the invitation under a semi-transparent sheet of film. This adds a different effect to the wedding invitation and makes it much more decorative and attractive. It can be use in a formal or informal wedding.



Another form of invitation that is also good is illustrated invitations. These have either a picture of the lord ganesha , Krishna or very different the pictures of  couple on the invitation, or a drawing of them or something else on the invitation. These types of illustration can make a different theme and their impact on guests.


One Fold

Today Half folded invitation are also common . You can found the valuable details of wedding when the invitation is unfolded. Now a days many couple are selecting them. On the front of the invite, there is usually a poem or quote, or even a picture. It can be opened from top to bottom or from side portion.


Two Fold

Many couples have started to use the two fold invitation, especially if they want to print the invitations by themselves. The first fold generally contain details about the couple, and the middle fold generally contain details about the wedding itself. Because of the many room these designs contain more information as compare to the traditional invitations.







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