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Different Types of Vacuum Cleaner India

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Almost all vacuum cleaners India are good at keeping the floor clean and they do a commendable job. But certain functional differences in the types of vacuum cleaners make it necessary that a person is well informed about everything that he may come across while shopping for a vacuum cleaner India.
    Before we start, we will shed some light on the qualities of a good specimen of these housekeeping appliances.
1.     A vacuum cleaner that hums and buzz like a beehive on fire is definitely not worthy of your money. Look for vacuum cleaners that are calmly efficient at the job.
2.     You should be able to reach even the toughest corners under the couch with a telescopic dust collector. Bending your back way too much is not why spend money on a vacuum cleaner.
3.     An ugly unit will do you no good. If you love pretty gadgets a vacuum cleaner India will not disappoint you. However, you will need long chords and good manoeuvrability in your device hence see that you buy one with a long chord no matter how ugly it looks due the extra length.    
Now to the common types you will see in the Indian vacuum cleaner market.
1.     Cylindrical CleanerThese are the most common types, ones you will see in television ads and in most households. The reason this is so famous is because it has a narrow head which can be slipped deep underneath your sofas and beds. These are easy to store since the head and the duct leading to the body can be detached and attached easily making it easier to stash in a corner.
2.     Bag Cleaners: These are cheaper and the second most common type of vacuum cleaner India. It makes cleaning easier. Just zip it across the floors and over the carpet, the unit catches all the dust in a refill bag set inside and then locks it up in a disposable bag. If you suffer from dust allergy, a bag vacuum cleaner such as the LG V-CB567ST from LG is great choice. It even has a HEPA 12 filter on it making it extra safe for asthma patients and sensitive noses.
3.     Drum Cleaners: These are large cleaners more suited for commercial purposes and have a powerful suction system that is strong enough to collect more than a residential cleaner. These are highly efficient units connected to a vertical drum that sucks in debris using a partial vacuum created by it.
4.     Bagless CleanersAs the name suggests there are no bags in these cleaners. A recent entrant in the vacuum cleaner India market, these work fast and better but the operational cost of these vacuum units are slightly more than those that come with a bag.
        When you are in the market, hunting for a vacuum cleaners, look for models that have a few things extra to make your life easier. Such as a bag full indicator, retractable chord, detachable heads of different size for difficult corners and filters to keep the dust from infiltrating the room.


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