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Disk backup appliance for unlimited storage

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Backup2Safe provides not only backup appliances for local storage but also a remote backup service, so that our customers to have one simple, complete backup solution. It is based on a Disk-to-Disk- to-Cloud backup strategy, so that our customers do not have to purchase another appliance for remote backups, and do not need to manage their own remote backup facilities.


LDA (Lortu Data Appliance)

The LDA is a small local device which has a massive storage capacity for backups. It is specially designed to store daily backups for many months, and to automatically replicate them to a remote server using a conventional Internet connection.


For example, the model LDA2 stores around 100 backups of 1200GB locally and remotely, with a capacity of up to 250TB of data.


This huge storage capacity is available due to our state-of-the-art deduplication technology. Lortu has been a world leader in deduplication technology since 2003, and our advanced techniques are integrated into all our appliances.


The local LDA device keeps all your backups are immediately available for fast restores. Typically the restore process is as fast as copying files, even though the data is stored in a very dense, packed format.


The LDA storage data device can be used along with any existing backup applications on the market, as well as with our own backup software. In other words, it is the perfect substitute for conventional tapes and storage media.


The LDA supports unattended backups on a regular schedule decided by you, and automatically replicates these encrypted backups to our remote data center over a normal internet connection. (You can limit bandwidth so that there is no impact on your users.) Daily reports are automatically sent by email, so that you are always aware of the current backup status.


This means that backup copies of your data are available locally, so that you can restore a backup fast in an emergency, and complete and up-to-date copies are also stored remotely in the cloud in case the local hardware is damaged or lost.


The LDA is a small, cost-effective device which is quick and easy to set up, and will operate quietly and reliably in the background to take care of all your backup needs, as your business grows and the size of your backups increase.

Backup2Safe solution is <a href=””>Disk library</a> solution combines the automatic generation of local backups and a secure remote backup service via the Internet. The backup are stored in the Lortu Data Appliance, which allows quick backup and <a href=””>Data recovery</a> of data via the local network.


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