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Do not lose your chance to make the right first impression on your customers

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Sarah has never faced such a challenge in her two year career as the administration executive in a medium sized metal manufacturing company. She is in charge of getting all the office stationery as well imprimerie material in place. She has been doing that diligently for all her tenure. She has worked with the vendors, made sure that the final output, be it a set of business cards or letterhead pads, are of acceptable quality and delivered on time. She had been doing a reasonably good job, till one fine morning she got a call from her manager. The manager was very upset and was visibly annoyed.He called her to his chamber and described many things.

What Sarah could make out was that last evening he had gone to an industrial meet and there he met several delegates from the Ministry as well as managers of other mabnufacturing houses, vendors, suppliers and even potential customers.“The world is becoming smarter by the day Sarah, and we just cannot afford to stay back. We have to catch up with the competition and we have to beat them in every corner.”Naturally he had to exchange business cards with most of them. He was upset because he found that there were several well designed cards that he received and compared to that, their business card looked childish and silly. “Take a look.” He brought out several cards from his card holder. Sarah took them in hand and went through them one by one.

Indeed, they were much professionally done and most of them seem to make a very strong professional statement.“Now do you understand how we are terribly lagging behind and losing the opportunity to make the right kind of first impression?”“What are our vendors doing; no innovation, no creativity? And they are charging us so much!”Sarah came back to her seat and she has about fifteen business cards in her hands. The manager was not yelling just like that; she realizes. These cards really are impressive. The competition in Montreal is increasing in leaps and bounds and unless the first impact on the customers are good and they are able to portray a professional and contemporary business image things will be tough for them.It is not that she had never thought of that but the vendors are not eager to do much innovation.Brochures, envelopes, letterheads, business cards, business and order forms and invoices; there are so many things that are printed round the year and so many bills paid.

But the quality is just average and without much creativity.She decided of creating some new vendors and she was sure to find some good ones online. She sat down in from of her laptop and made a Google search. Soon she could find few sites and as she was going through the websites she was really astounded by some of these Imprimerie Montreal companies which had 24 by 7 support, great pricing and delivers high quality Impression Montreal.There was one company which provides a comprehensive imprimerie solution and offers a host of services from binding to graphic design; film developing to digital printing. The company is operational since 1979 and as Sarah was going through the brochures and designs she was sure that she wanted something just like that for her company.



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  • Posted On July 26, 2012
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