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Do you Know How to Dance in a Club?

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How to Dance in a Club? Going out on the town with a few friends or your favorite person is one of the things we look forward to most during the day.  If someone thinks they can’t dance, however, it can be a bit intimidating. They won’t be able to relax and feel comfortable around you enough to enjoy the music because they don’t how to dance at a club, and the club scene is definitely something they will want to shy away from.

Unfortunately, our own low sense of self –esteem takes over.  We sometimes convince ourselves that we are uncoordinated and awkward when we dance.  We picture ourselves hilariously embarrassing in front of others and this is what keeps us from succeeding.
What we need to address first is that low self esteem. We as humans need to feel that there are others like us.  Do not feel that you are alone when it comes to not being able to dance.  Take a step out and watch others for a few nights to see that there are people just like you who can’t dance, but think they can! Actually, there may be more people like you at a club that aren’t sure whether or not they know how to dance in a club.
When you’re ready to learn how to dance in a club, it’s easier to ask for tips from a trusted friend or family member; someone you know will give you honest criticism and not let you embarrass yourself.  Let them help you learn how to dance at a club and add to basics you’ve already learned.  Your friends and family can be better instructors than most high class dance instructors.  Your first time on the dance floor may not be graceful, but when you’re first learning, you need to practice! Once you start feeling the beat and are able to put the steps you learned to music, the rest will come natural to you.

If you are ready to venture out into the world of dance classes and have conquered your fear of people noticing you dance, you can start adding building blocks and making a routine.  You can know how to dance in a club and start taking dance classes or buying instructional DVDs that go beyond the basic steps.  You can also watch free videos on YouTube so that you can be confident that you are ready to move forward, or try videos before you buy them. If a certain dance instructor’s style annoys you or is too complicated, move on until you find someone that works for you.  That’s the beauty of the internet. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to know how to dance at a club. 

After mastering your footwork, you need to focus on the rest of your body. Dance is more than footwork; it’s about how you use your whole body to tell a story.  It’s about attitude.  If you have the attitude that you are a star, you will be a star and start catching people’s eyes and being noticed.  You don’t necessarily have to be that guy or gal that’s obnoxiously flailing around, but you should relax, let go and have fun.  Dancing is about having fun, and once you realize that, your potential is limitless.

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