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Have you ever wondered what your TRU (Trailer Refrigerator Unit) is doing on any given day or if it is performing to the standards that have been established by you? A lot of companies in the industry have the surprise to find out that the reefers suddenly fail or that product loads are rejected or destroyed because of inadequate temperatures. How is that happening? Well, most of us within the industry rely upon yard personnel to monitor units when domiciled at home facilities, or we depend upon drivers to manage refrigeration unit performance during transit.

Technology is now revealing the risks taken by industry by depending on individuals to assume responsibility for temperature management of high net worth loads. 

With technologies available in present, industry is now capable to get a real time view of how refrigerated assets are being managed and the corresponding impact this is having on food safety, product quality and improved cost of operation.

Fleet managers have been able to dive into historical data to validate temperature compliance upon (or after) delivery or perform forensic investigations in an attempt to piece together what went wrong if there was a failure in the cold chain transportation. However, advanced technology such as Cooltrax, puts management in control of trailer and product, as if they were riding with the driver. This kind of technology now provides real time visibility of your rolling refrigerated warehouse and allows management to respond immediately to a threatening situation for load integrity. Also, management can communicate remotely to a TRU making adjustments to reefer settings that we hope our drivers will make.

So what has been the response from fleet operators now using real time technology? It has been proven that there is real opportunity to improve operations, from excessive cool down times to drivers forgetting to turn their reefers back on after a point of delivery. The detailed information that Cooltrax provides with real time alerts and reporting offers a picture of assets and product while in motion. Those “soft” ROI assumptions about your operation now turn to hard ROI calculations predicated upon validation of how your assets are being managed or mismanaged.

With an increased awareness of product quality and safety initiatives influenced by recent food regulations and compounded by customer mandates, quality assurance directors and risk avoidance management personnel are also requiring access to the proactive information provided by Cooltrax. The ability to better control product integrity remotely by “hands on” management of product flow throughout the cold chain is unique and significant. Active involvement in refrigerated management gives to food shippers and distributors the opportunity to better predict food life cycles. This can generate substantial dollars to bottom line profits and improve brand awareness.


Industry can no longer imagine or hope that yard personnel or drivers are controlling product temperatures and security. And, although some operators in the industry are willing to engage technology because of what they may have to acknowledge or change, the track record of applications such as Cooltrax validates a return on investment that board rooms approve of.  


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  • Posted On March 27, 2012
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