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Do you need help managing your anger?

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Many people managing anger issues feel hopeless and unable to cope when they feel their emotions are out of control. Anger management is the process of learning to recognize signs that you’re becoming angry, and taking action to calm down and deal with the situation in a positive way. Anger is a normal, healthy emotion, just as it’s normal to feel happy. But we need to know how to express it correctly. When anger is expressed in a negative way it can appear to be very aggressive – anger management at Counselling Ashford Kent can help with these issues.

Anger can have a disruptive effect on our thoughts, feelings and also our behaviour. It interferes with our ability to think and act clearly and can lead us to act irresponsibly without thinking things through first. Anger is sometimes used as a defence barrier when we feel hurt or embarrassed.

When anger is bottled up it can sometimes turn inwards this can also lead to other problems. People who find it difficult to talk about how they feel about past experiences that may have caused them pain often turn the anger inwards. This is also expressing anger in a negative and unhealthy way.

If you feel angry you have every right to express that in a healthy way by being assertive but not aggressive towards others. When we are angry it is easy to take that anger out on those who are closest to us. It is then that you may feel your anger is out of control.

People may have a lot of anger inside them because of things which have happened to them in their past – violence, broken relationships or bereavements. They may feel that life has treated them unfairly. Although it is natural to feel anger, it becomes a problem when it’s out of control. Sometimes life can be unfair and unjust and sometimes we have been really hurt by others. However, holding onto that anger will only damage your life now and in the future and result in you being very unhappy.

You cannot change the past, but living with sadness, resentment and anger is something you can do something about. There is help such as Counselling Ashford, Kent who can help your achieve your goals.  You can do something about trying to create a happier, calmer life

Counselling Ashford, Kent can help people to resolve past issues and help them to move forward with their lives.

When you feel calm you will be able to express your anger in a more positive and assertive way. Your anger will not be out of control. You will also find that when anger is expressed clearly, calmly and concisely you are more likely to be listened to, rather than if you are expressing it in a negative way by shouting, being aggressive and violent.


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