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Does Egg Freezing Work?

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As the infertility has shown a rising trend, many treatment methods have evolved to treat infertility. IVF is one of the most successful treatment method to treat infertility. Nowadays doctors also use frozen eggs and sperms for IVF. These frozen eggs can be of mother herself or can be a donor egg. Our one of the Best IVF Specialist Doctor in Delhi also offer egg freezing services. It helps patients to preserve their eggs for further cycles and avoid repeated extraction of eggs. Patients are saved of multiple surgeries as extraction of eggs are performed through surgical intervention.

Many people get anxious that does egg freezing work. Let us start with understanding what is egg freezing and how is it done.

What is Egg Freezing?

Egg freezing is a preservation method to save eggs for further use. Eggs are surgically removed from a woman’s ovaries and are preserved through freezing to be used further. IVF Specialist in Delhi can freeze a woman’s eggs during an IVF cycle so that it can be used in subsequent cycles. Donor eggs are also frozen to be used in multiple cycle of IVF.

Who Can Go For Egg Freezing?

Women who are going through IVF can opt for egg freezing to be saved of multiple surgeries for egg extraction. These eggs can be used for subsequent IVF cycles. Young women who are planning to have a baby later in life and want to preserve their fertility while they are in their prime fertility age can also go for egg freezing.

Does Frozen Eggs Work?

IVF success rate with frozen eggs are same as with fresh eggs. Thus there is no need to worry about frozen eggs will work or not. It is better to freeze a good number of eggs if you are going for egg freezing for your fertility preservation for a later age. It also saves women from multiple extraction process while going for IVF. Thus, it is a better option to get your eggs frozen for subsequent cycles while going through IVF.

Is It Viable For Older Woman To Preserve Eggs For Later Pregnancy?

If you are planning delayed pregnancy then it is better to preserve your eggs while you are in your prime fertility age. After 35 years quality and quantity of eggs diminishes in women. It is better if you go for egg freezing before 35 years of age, even better if you are in your 20’s.

Egg freezing has given woman a chance to preserve their fertility for a later age, while they can concentrate on career, family or other aspects of life, when they are young. Our IVF specialists in Delhi are eager to welcome any new advancement in assisted reproduction and are trying their best to reach out all those people there who are waiting for your bundle of joy but are not able to have it. 


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