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Don’t let Doubt Bother You; A Privatdetektiv Can Solve Your Dilemma Easily

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Trust the Swiss to be as discreet with their dealing in all sensitive industries as in their world famous banking systems. If you are ever in need of a detective agency while in Switzerland then there are a number of good options to choose from. Detective agencies have their specializations. Some shine in legal and corporate matters and other are better are collecting evidence and surveillance while some others are good at criminal investigations.


Depending on your problem you will be able to find a good agency to take care of things. Look for a recommended agency or the internet is also a good way to find an agency who can resolve you problem in no time. A Privatdetektiv works undercover and with his network of informants is able to source your information no matter what it is. Using every available technique, from hi tech gadgets like close circuit cameras, tapping and listening devices and bugs, photographs, set ups, surveillance etc they are able to get the information required without alerting anyone.

A Privatdetektiv will regularly give you updates along with reports on the surveillance and photographs. If a person is being investigated then every trace is followed. For a more sensitive case like industrial espionage the agency will help their staff to gain entry into the company to acquire the information required. These agencies work without judgments and deliver what is required efficiently. Some of the modern day investigation requires an investigator to handle case like license violations, company thefts and embezzlement, insurance frauds, monitoring field service staff of a company, investigations on labor law and union issues, solvency clarifications etc more than the murder and crime that we always associate detective agencies with.

If you are an international client then you have thought of the right location to hire a private investigator from. There are many worthy investigators in Switzerland and each has their own special techniques to resolve cases. Even divorce cases and those needing to investigate spouses use these detective agencies to get the evidence they need. Switzerland’s oldest and most reputed agency for a good Privatdetektiv is This agency has qualified staff and all the required experience of the last 6 decades to offer their clients. This is also the most reputed of agencies and has expertise to handle corporate, small companies, individual and even legal matters. Look no further than Detectivfrei AG for your Privatdetektiv.

If you are interested to know something more about Privatdetektiv then please visit our website.


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