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Don’t Diagnose and Treat Your Yeast Infection Yourself. Here’s why. . .

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You can easily find several different types of products at your local pharmacy to treat your yeast infection. Of course there are even more that require a doctor’s prescription. Candidiasis, or the yeast infection, can be successfully cured with various capsules, tablets, lotions, creams or lozenges. The treatment you, or your doctor, chooses will be determined by the extent and location of your Candidiasis, the state of your health and, if you are a women, whether or not you are pregnant. We would tend to suggest you avoid self-diagnosis or even self-medication. Although many people do that and are able to cure their condition. If you are trying to decide whether to just self-medicate or not, one factor you should weigh is whether you have had several yeast infections during the past year. If so, it’s imperative that you see your doctor so he can evaluate your situation.

Sometimes the yeast fungus adapts to specific medications and a new, resistant strain is developed. This, as well as the fact that there are numerous reasons a yeast infection develops, is generally accepted information. OTC creams and suppositories are used successfully by women to treat their vaginal yeast infections. Fluconazole is an antifungal compound. One of its brand names is Diflucan. It is very efficacious and sometimes just one tablet is all that is needed to clear up a yeast infection. Unfortunately, this usually only applies to a vaginal yeast infection. Fluconazole may be available without a prescription, but usually you will have to get a prescription strength dose, which means you need to make an appointment with your health care provider.

It’s not uncommon for a lot of women to analyze their symptoms, decide it’s a yeast infection, and head for the pharmacy for some OTC medication. Even if you are somewhat knowledgeable about vaginal infections, there could be factors present that can complicate the situation and, therefore, it’s always better to get a professional opinion from your health care provider.

Unfortunately, it’s still not unusual for a woman to prefer to simply treat her supposed vaginal yeast infection with medications she can buy without a prescription from her local pharmacy. However, it is possible to have nonspecific symptoms involving vulvitis or vaginitis for reasons unrelated to the common Candida yeast infection. You can easily see why it is imperative to get examined by your doctor so you can proceed with the correct treatment for your vaginal infection. It’s easy for your doctor to discover the cause of your particular vaginal infection by taking a small tissue sample and examining it.

Approximately one-third of American women will suffer from recurring yeast infections which is no small number. The average number of yeast infections in women who get repeats is approximately four each year. Any person, and especially women, who experiences multiple yeast infections should see their doctor for evaluation.

Even if you are able to successfully treat your infections, the fact that they keep occurring is a good reason to investigate the matter. There are other situations that can be the reason you keep getting repeated yeast infections and you won’t know that those reasons are unless you check it out.

It’s usually possible to treat a yeast infection with success in most cases. The most dangerous situation involves a true systemic yeast infection in which the fungus spreads throughout the body.

There is a very high mortality rate for systemic Candidiasis and this is especially so if the disease has been left untreated for a long period of time. Now, bear in mind that invasive, or chronic Candidiasis is not the same yeast overgrowth condition which takes place in your gastrointestinal tract. This internal yeast infection is not the same thing as the chronic, invasive form of yeast infection. The most critical development to avoid at all costs is letting the yeast infection enter your blood stream.

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