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Download movie Crazy Eyes full length

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“Crazy Eyes” is documentry and drametical movie. It is directed by Adam Sherman and written by Dave Reeves, Rachel Hardisty. Movie is produced by Hagai Shaham. Music is given by Bobby Johnston. Watch online Crazy Eyes movie in Full HD/DVD/ipod/divX All Qualities are Here

Movie Review (Synopsis):

Zack (Haas) is a young, divorced father who starts to develop romantic feelings towards his friend Rebecca (Zima), whom he refers to as “Crazy Eyes”. He spends a lot of time at a bar run by his best friend Dan Drake (Busey) and hanging out with Autumn (Raymonde). As he pursues a sexual relationship with Rebecca, Zack grows increasingly aware of the importance of his son’s role in his life amidst the failing health of his own father.

Zach is guy for whom the party never ends. But when he meets the girl he nicknames “Crazy Eyes,” the inability to have her, combined with family matters, are signs that his idle life might be due for a change.

Before we even meet Haas’ Zach, he warns us via voiceover that his story is true, and that the movie’s “all persons fictitious” disclaimer (the “is purely coincidental” paragraph that accompanies works of fiction) is a lie of its own. But Zack is a drunk, a boozehound, an alcoholic of the highest order – and someone who wakes up with a hangover and can’t remember if he drank the night before might not be the most reliable of narrators. A Hollywood millionaire (through means we’re never quite informed of), Zack spends his days calling women for dates, getting drunk, and making a mess of his limited responsibilities. On the night that Crazy Eyes opens, Zack has scored a date with Zima’s Rebecca (who he calls “Crazy Eyes”), who is just as lost and drunk as he is. The only things that Zack and Rebecca have in common are their mutual love for alcohol and their mutual disdain for other people. If Zack and Rebecca don’t sound like sympathetic or even likable characters, that’s because they aren’t, but both Haas and Zima find the facets of their characters and play them to a bizarrely charming and enjoyable effect.

Crazy Eyes frequently hits great moments of humor (Zach’s best friend, played by Jake Busey, predictably adds some fun) and despite the bleakness of both Zach and Rebecca’s lives and their relationship, they are lovely and engaging to watch. The film’s soundtrack is of particular import, with Bobby Johnston’s frisky and French farce-inspired score proving essential to lightening the mood when things get too rough, though the rest of his work is also effective and beautiful, much like Crazy Eyes as a whole.

The film begins with the legal tag that would normally appear at the end, disclaiming any resemblance to real persons, then oppositionally announces how raw and honest it intends to be, with the line: “In reality, every bit of this happened just like you’re about to see it.” Zach, the independently wealthy divorced playboy played by Haas, embodies Sherman’s own experience, while the character of Crazy Eyes (Madeline Zima) was fashioned after his co-writer and drinking partner, Rachel Hardisty. Zach’s next closest confidant, bartender Dan Drake (a right-on use of Jake Busey), evidently represents Sherman’s friend and additional contributor Dave Reeves.

She’s just one of the many women whose number Zach keeps in his phone, but she’s different from the others in that she doesn’t put out when he calls. Zach is consumed by what he can’t have, giving her the sobriquet either on account of the excessive mascara she wears or, more likely, the feral energy he sees in her stare — a stark contrast with the glazed, soul-dead look in his own. While Zima is undeniably fetching, his nickname never really fits, and it doesn’t take a psychic to realize that what Zach describes as love is really the thrill of the hunt.

That doesn’t necessarily mean Sherman and his co-writers share Zach’s misogyny. One might say the narrator-hero sees the world through crazy eyes himself, and the women in his life — his cheating ex-wife (Moran Atias) and gold-digger Autumn (Tania Raymonde), both “users” in their own way — probably aren’t as bad as he paints them. Sherman’s job is to be true to his own experience, and the take-no-prisoners result serves as a litmus test for those who watch.

In short:

A divorcee with a five-year-old son, Zach has become a master at seducing women without ever getting too close. But all that’s about to change he’s met a girl he calls “Crazy Eyes”, and she’s not like anyone he’s ever met before. Flirty but withholding, intelligent but damaged, she’s the one woman Zach can’t have, so naturally he wants her above all others.

While Zach’s hard-partying lifestyle aided and abetted by his bartender pal Dan threatens to go off the rails, family concerns begin to play a major role in Zach’s life. While his ex-wife becomes more financially demanding, Zach grows closer to their son, finding stability and maturity in his role as a father that’s absent from the rest of his life.And as Zach begins to embrace fatherhood, his own father becomes seriously ill – which in turn leads to Zach’s mother having a mental breakdown.

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Characters are playin roles as:

Lukas Haas is playing as Zach
Madeline Zima is playing as Rebecca
Jake Busey is playing as Dan Drake
Tania Raymonde is playing as Autumn
Regine Nehy is playing as Latisha
Moran Atias is playing as Zach’s Ex-Wife
Elena Levon is playing as Beautiful Brunette (as Elena Melnikova)
John Bryant Davila is playing as Friend #3
Ned Bellamy is playing as Bob
Lauren Byrnes is playing as Hipster
Cali-Ente is playing as Latisha’s Dog
Christian Calloway is playing as Homeless Santa
Josh Davis is playing as Make-Out Guy
Jessica Elder is playing as Hipster
Edward Finlay is playing as Chad


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