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Download movie Searching for Sugar Man full length

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“Searching for Sugar Man” is new documentary 2012 movie. It is directed by Malik Bendjelloul. Stars in movie are  Rodriguez and Malik Bendjelloul.Watch online Searching for Sugar Man movie in Full HD/DVD/ipod/divX All Qualities are Here

Movie Review (Synopsis):

The film follows two South Africans, who – believing Rodriguez dead – embark on a journey to find out what happened to the mysterious singer who provided the backdrop to the anti-apartheid movement, as well as the soundtrack to their youth.

For years, Rodriguez had no idea that – halfway across the world– he was bigger than Elvis. It’s truly a crime that his poetic, soulful records sank without a trace, forcing him to turn his back on the music industry and scrape a living working in construction in Detroit. So the excitement was palpable when, after the screening of Malik Bendjelloul’s heartfelt movie, the director announced his surprise guest, who ambled into the room dressed entirely in black, like a Mexican Johnny Cash.

When asked by a member of the audience why he hadn’t capitalised on his fame and had chosen to stay in Detroit, he replied simply: “Well, you’ve gotta come from somewhere.”

Alex Karpovsky’s parents came from somewhere too. As the son of Russian immigrants, who made little effort to integrate, the east coast–based indie film-maker admits his younger life was at times isolated. That theme appears to be informing his work.

But a bootleg recording found its way into apartheid South Africa and, over the next two decades, it became a phenomenon. Two South African fans then set out to find out what really happened to their hero. Their investigation led them to a story more extraordinary than any of the existing myths about the artist known as Rodriguez. This is a film about hope, inspiration and the resonating power of music.

Aspiring ’70s folk rock musician Rodriguez never made it big. Despite critical praise, his albums bombed in the U.S., and he faded promptly into obscurity, leaving behind only urban legends of a gruesome onstage suicide. But somehow a bootleg copy of his album made its way to apartheid South Africa, where his antiestablishment message and distinctive sound resonated with the youth protest movement there, making Rodriguez an instant superstar. Decades later, two intrepid fans decide to investigate whatever happened to the mysterious rocker. While initially frustrated by a dearth of leads, they eventually trace his roots to 1970s Detroit and a producer named Mike Theodore, who drops a bombshell that completely changes the nature of their investigation.

Truly stranger than fiction, this story of a Mexican-American folk singer from Detroit and his unforeseen success spans decades and continents, and is aptly unraveled to the soundtrack of Rodriguez’ own haunting original songs. Ultimately the fans uncover a convoluted and unbelievable true story of success, obscurity, politics, and the power of music itself.

In the late 1960s, two record company producers were on the search for fresh talent in Detroit. In a smoky, unassuming dockside bar, they discovered Sixto Rodriguez, an enormously talented singer who wrote songs about inner city life with a lyrical complexity that outstripped many of his contemporaries.

Karpovsky is now a familiar name on the indie circuit; he appeared in Lena Dunham’s Tiny Furniture, and plays obnoxious Ray Ploshansky in her HBO show, Girls. Armed with just a 13-page outline and the help of his small but perfectly formed cast, including Onur Tukel, Jennifer Prediger, Caroline White and sound mixer/cinemataographer/editor Adam Ginsberg, he found a way to stave off hours of boredom on the open road. “I thought: ‘I can spend the time in my car, driving by myself listening to This American Life podcasts, or I can do it cracking jokes with my friends’,” he said. “The movie cost next to nothing to make so if it failed, it failed.”

Searching for Sugar Man starts in snowy Detroit in 1970, with a singer-songwriter named Rodriguez — a mononym for a fellow named Sixto Rodriguez, the son of Mexican immigrants. He was discovered and recorded for a label that was an offshoot of Buddah Records, which would go on to be a disco powerhouse later that decade. The album’s producers, including Dennis Coffey, a member of the Motown studio band known as the Funk Brothers, had high hopes but that first album, Cold Fact, and its follow-up, Coming to Reality, did nothing, sales-wise. Rodriguez became like so many other hopefuls in the pre-American Idol/Internet time (or throughout history, for that matter), disappearing without a trace.

Cut to Cape Town, South Africa, where, who knows how, a copy of Cold Fact found its way to teens, some of whom were engaged in the anti-apartheid struggle. Rodriguez’s straightforward lyrics — about questioning authority — and his music (he has a voice reminiscent of American Pie-period Don McLean) made the album (and bootleg cassettes of it) an underground hit.

But no one knew anything about Rodriguez — and the rumor was that, in despair over the state of his career, Rodriguez had killed himself onstage — shooting himself, by one account, setting himself on fire by another. But no one knew.

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