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“The Babymakers” is new adventure and comedy 2012 movie. It is directed by Jay Chandrasekhar. It is written by Peter Gaulke, Gerry Swallow. Watch online The Babymakers movie in Full HD/DVD/ipod/divX All Qualities are Here Movie is ditributed by Millenium Entertainment. Movie Review (Synopsis): After failing to get his wife pregnant, a guy (Schneider) recruits his pals to steal the deposit he left at a sperm bank years ago. It is comedy occasionally appeals to one’s guilty pleasure adolescent side, but it lacks the sophistication to bring out big laughs from its constant stream of semen jokes. The film does get some hilarity out of some of the cum gags, but a comedy cannot subsist on jizz jokes alone, and when it’s not spraying its wad all over predictable pay-offs, The Babymakers moves into creepy, exploitative territory with lead actress Olivia Munn. Paul Schneider gets to shine in a lead performance and the supporting cast gets in some great moments, but they’re not enough to overcome the obvious jokes, a weak script, and even weaker pacing.After trying everything to get his wife Audrey (Olivia Munn) pregnant, Tommy Macklin (Paul Schneider) realizes to his horror that he may be “shooting blanks.” Terrified that his marriage may fall apart, Tommy recruits his friends (and an Indian ex-mobster) to rob a sperm bank where he made a deposit years ago. As with any half-baked scheme, everything can and does go wrong, testing the limits of Tommy and Audrey’s relationship. The Babymakers is a hilarious twist on the heist film genre, a laugh-out loud comedy showing how far one couple will go in hopes of creating a new life. The film centers on happily married pair Tommy (Paul Schneider) and Audrey (Olivia Munn) who decides it’s high time to conceive a baby. After months of trying, it becomes evident that there’s something amiss with either one or both of them, and when they discover it’s Tommy and his “confused sperm,” he lets slip that there’s no way that could be so. After all, he paid for Audrey’s engagement ring with money from donating his sperm for twenty weeks in a row. Oh – oops! She didn’t know that. Determined to win back his wife, Tommy and his pack of moronic pals (including Kevin Heffernan and Nat Faxon) cook up a plan to rob the sperm bank that’s holding Tommy’s last batch hostage, with help from a former Indian mobster, played by Chandrasekhar himself. Hijinks and raunch and stupidity ensue, but little of it is actually funny and the whole enterprise is essentially demeaning to everyone involved with it. The acting is by and large atrocious, though lead Paul Schneider probably comes away looking the best of the lot. Schneider is a consistently underrated actor who is capable of much more than this – while his dramatic turn in David Gordon Green’s luminous All the Real Girls is his standard-bearer, he’s turned in some overlooked comedic performances, particularly in the underseen 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover. He spends most of The Babymakers looking slightly uncomfortable while he waits to interject some of the film’s very few funny lines. It takes an hour to get to the strange heist. The movie spends far too much time with Paul and his deep-seated denial to the point where we begin to think this is a character-driven comedy without a central narrative. The Babymakers makes bizarre detours that obviously should have been left on the cutting room floor. When Paul visits with the gay couple to convince them to let him have his sperm back, the scene’s only function is to try and convince the audience that Paul deserves to rob another couple of their child. The scene never comes back in any meaningful way, and it doesn’t absolve Paul of his theft. An even creepier add-on are scenes where Paul tries to reach orgasm by imagining Audrey in porn-like scenarios, which seem designed to exploit Olivia Munn’s sex appeal rather than provide any jokes. However, he does bring a great performance, and Chandresekhar, along with his male co-stars, raise the comedy to the point where they can at least make the juvenile humor work some of the time. Schneider has been a wonderful presence in his previous films, and he always exudes responsibility even when faced with ludicrous situations. Schneider’s comic talents make him the strongest part of the movie, and the actor’s air of responsibility makes Paul seem above his reckless, selfish, and duplicitous actions. Even when we see Paul getting hit in the nuts, he’s responsibly getting hit in the nuts. The rest of the supporting cast provides some solid back-up, but we’ve seen Heffernan, Chandresekhar, and Faxon do better. Even the soundtrack sounds and feels cheap, with the score sounding much more like one you’d hear in a direct-to-home-video Ocean’s Eleven knock-off or a third-string romantic comedy. The Babymakers as a whole is probably best described in those terms as well – cheap, flimsy, third-string, and a complete knock-off of other bigger and broader comedies that actually aim to make their audiences laugh. On the other side, Olivia Munn proves (yet again) that her talents are better utilized far away from scripted roles. Munn isn’t cut out to convey any deep emotions, and her seeming inability to close her mouth for long periods of time makes her pretty face not so much a distraction, but a complete annoyance. There are any number of actresses who could better pull off this role, and her casting is just one of many indications of just how consistently tone-deaf the entire production is. The Babymakers has plenty of raunchy adult-aimed comedy, definitely inspired by the style of Broken Lizard. This is something I appreciate, and the movie is indeed a comedy at heart, for sure. But it also has a nice little romantic story at its heart. Munn and Schneider have great chemistry, and that chemistry paired with their struggle to start a family—no matter what they have to do—(not to mention all the comedy) makes for a seriously entertaining movie when all fused together. Something along the lines of Knocked Up (sans the whole knocked up part, anyway) meets Ocean’s Eleven, this is a movie I worried wouldn’t play out as satisfactorily as I had hoped, but, in the end, was very wrong about. Everything about it worked for me. It’s an excellent little indie comedy with heart and enough chuckles to warrant multiple viewings. There’s a lot of laughs, likable and sometimes goofy characters you can appreciate, and solid all-around story worth the 90 minutes of your time. Not many people are aware of the existence of The Babymakers yet—it doesn’t even hit theaters and video on demand services until August 3, 2012—but soon it’ll appear here and there and if you have the chance to see it, I most definitely suggest you pounce on the opportunity. 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Gainey is playing as Officer Malloy Miles Fisher is playing as Groom Kevin Heffernan is playing as Wade Hayes MacArthur is playing as Lelsie Jenkins Nat Faxon is playing as Zig-Zag


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