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Download The Dark Knight Rises Movie HD Divx IPOds PSp Quality

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Batman is back with a bang in The Dark Knight Rises, and this time around, there’s no messing around with him. The movie starts from where the last film in the franchise ended, taking us into the life of Batman since his disappearance eight years ago. Choosing honor over victory led to his mysterious disappearance, and his conversion from the status of a hero to that of a fugitive. Watch The Dark Knight Rises online to see the events that force Batman to come out of hiding and once again redeem his role as a fighter for the good. After his accusation for the death of D.A. Harvey Dent in the last film,

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it was thought that that was the end of his tumultuous reign. However, this movie comes as a delight for fans of Batman, as it once again brings him back into action, with a spirit of vengeance that will take a lot more than a false accusation to smother. It all starts with a cunning burglar arriving in town, threatening to demolish the anti-crime Dent Act which had things under control so far. Add to this the comeback of dreaded terrorist Dane, and you have reason enough to bring Batman back into control. Download The Dark Knight Rises to watch this momentous return that the world of superhero fans has been eagerly awaiting!

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Director Chris Nolan has crafted his most visually sophisticated Batman movie yet, and from a directorial standpoint, The Dark Knight Rises is a pretty stunning achievement. From the set pieces, to the brilliant visual iconography, to the action sequences that seem to never stop and almost always thrill (at least somewhat), the film is just visually impressive. With a significant chunk of the footage having been shot using IMAX cameras, TDKR isn’t just visually impressive; it’s visually impressive on a massive scale. No question about it: pay for the IMAX upgrade, because without it, you’re only getting half of the experience this film offers.

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Batman Begins was a standard superhero origin tale (as uniquely constructed by Chris Nolan); The Dark Knight was more of an intricate crime drama than a superhero flick. In terms of story, The Dark Knight Rises is very much a war drama – a fact that may be off-putting to some viewers looking for “the comic book movie experience.” Those who still (stubbornly) cling to the notion that the Nolan Bat-films should be more pulpy fun and less gritty drama will find that this finale delivers even more of what they disliked about TDK – the dark and gritty tone, the lengthy and convoluted story – this time without the balance of a villain (and performance) as stunningly charismatic and fun as Heath Ledger’s Joker.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt steps up to offer a compelling performance as John Blake, an obscure Batman comic book character refashioned here as a young cop who struggles with the idea of working within the system of law and order, leading him to ally with Batman and Commissioner Gordon. Levitt has the tendency to seem boyish in a lot of his roles – Inception, (500) Days of Summer – but in this film he  broadens his range as a mature tough-as-nails cop with a big heart and sharp mind. In the middle act of the film – where screenwriters Chris Nolan, Johnathan Nolan and David S. Goyer threaten to let things meander too far – Gordon-Levitt (with a helping hand from Hathaway) manages to carry the film, despite the fact that he’s wearing a simple police uniform, rather than some elaborate superhero costume.


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