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Download The Dark Knight Rises movie with high Divx quality

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Download The Dark Knight Rises

Download The Dark Knight Rises

Download The Dark Knight Rises

Download The Dark Knight Rises

Download The Dark Knight Rises
Director: Christopher Nolan

Writers: Jonathan Nolan

Stars: Christian Bale, Michael Caine

The Gotham City has been infested by a bunch of miscreants. An astounding robbery and abductions follow. The unprepared cops hurriedly proceed after the criminals and are led into a tunnel. There, the light becomes from dim to dimmer and a feeling of helplessness engulfs the police. Suddenly, the sound of a supersonic mean machine jams into their ear drums. Without a doubt, they have seen the evidence of Batman’s return.
The Dark Knight Rises’ has come as a timely redemption for a score unimpressive superhero movies released in the recent past. Christopher Nolan’s three-part take on the epic superhero dresses the characters to perfection, elevates the stature of action and churns out an enthralling climax. The Dark Knight is indeed further mysterious as the poster of the film hints out.
We hold no doubts while giving it 4,5 stars for the colossal effort put in to realize this epic superhero saga!

Almost a decade has passed since Batman faced the brunt of the atrocities committed by Two Face. Now, a new villain, Bane has the better of the Gotham’s best. Time has arrived for the Dark Night to get up from his hibernation to save a city, which has tainted his image beyond recognition.

The original story treatment by David S. Goyer was to have Two-Face as the principle antagonist for the film. Initially, at the end of The Dark Knight, The Joker would have scarred Harvey Dent at a courtroom trial, setting up the third film. Dent’s death and fall at the end of the second film was put in instead as setting up on the scenario of the relationship (being the backbone of the story) between him and Batman broken and in the aftermath that follow


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