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The Giant Mechanical Man is an upcoming romantic comedy 2012 film.Movie is directed by Lee Kirk and Produced by Jenna Fischer Michael Cowan, Molly Hassell, Brent Stiefel. and Written by Lee Kirk. Releasing day : April 27, 2012.


Movie Review (Synopsis):

Jenna Fischer (writer/director Kirk’s wife) plays Janice, whose persistent inability to find a suitable job or boyfriend is never explained; we meet her just as a temp agency is firing her, sending the now-homeless lonelyheart to live with sister Jill (Malin Akerman). Across town, Chris Messina’s Tim is also getting the boot, though his abandonment (by girlfriend Lucy Punch) is more easily understood: Tim’s girlfriend is just tired of waiting for his “career” as a street performer to develop into something meaningful or lucrative. Watch online The Giant Mechanical Man movie in Full HD/DVD/ipod/divX quality

Tim connects with Janice early on, but only in his performing disguise — wearing stilts and a metallic-looking suit, painted silver, standing motionless on Detroit’s streets as a mirror of the passersby whose worker-bee lives he disdains. When the two actually meet — both reluctantly take menial jobs at the zoo — Tim keeps his secret identity to himself and, despite the easy camaraderie between them, takes forever before asking her out.

The inevitability of the couple’s relationship is never thrown into question by Jill’s attempts to set Janice up with a self-help charlatan (Topher Grace). If Grace’s character were genuinely charming or smooth, there’d be reason (however formulaic) to worry, but even at Jill’s most insecure, she’s clearly not vulnerable to the author’s it-works-on-paper attempt at courtship. His continued presence onscreen is one of the most transparently artificial obstacles to love in the history of rom-coms, and viewers slog through it just like Janice selling concessions to zoo-going school kids.

Short Review:

A jobless thirty-something and a talented street performer help one another discover the transformative power of self confidence in this offbeat romantic comedy starring Jenna Fischer and Chris Messina. Written and directed by Lee Kirk, The Giant Mechanical Man opens to find Janice (Fischer) between jobs and stuck in a perpetual state of arrested development while living with her domineering sister. Attempting to gain employment at a zoo, she happens across Tim (Messina), a performance artist whose career as a “living statue” hasn’t taken him very far in life. Meanwhile, as Janice succumbs to pressure to start dating a narcissistic self-help guru (Topher Grace), she realizes that Tim is the only person who has ever managed to make her feel good about herself.

There’s a satirical tone here, as Kirk takes his characters in and out of the daily flow of commuters who slave at work and seek personal improvement in their free time. They are easy prey for the compassion-for-profit industry, embodied by Topher Grace as a smarmy motivational guru, coiffed like a New Age charlatan right out of Doonesbury. He will be recognizable to anyone who watches authors hawk self-help books on American daytime television. Download movie The Giant Mechanical Man movie in Full HD/DVD/ipod/divX quality

Characters are playing roles:

Jenna Fischer is playing as Janice
Chris Messina is playing as Tim
Topher Grace is playing as Doug, a pompous motivational speaker
Malin Akerman is playing as Jill, Janice’s sister who wants her to date Doug
Lucy Punch is playing as Pauline
Bob Odenkirk is playing as Mark
Rich Sommer is playing as Brian
Sean Gunn is playing as George
Travis Schuldt is playing as Hal Baker

The Giant Mechanical Man is far from a must-see, but it has moments worth digging out, and serves as a fine showcase for some cherished performers. It has no big message; it has no aim to shock or shake. It’s a small picture, inverted even, in ways both good and bad.

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“The Detroit Zoo scenes featuring the movie’s lead characters were shot in December 2010. Detroit Zoo Executive Director Ron Kagan says “it should be very exciting to see the zoo on the silver screen.”

The Giant Mechanical Man” is insufferably tone-deaf to any kind of relatively genuine human experience, instead treating the two leads as peculiar oddballs who just haven’t found their footing in the modern world. Had Kirk and his script taken the pains to paint these characters as such, a rush of empathy would, no doubt, ensue. But the reality is that these two are thinly drawn caricatures, both appearing as unbearable dimwits where no such sympathy exists. And when anything remotely resembling real emotion fails to connect with the viewer (often), Kirk slaps on dollops of anthemic indie rock and pop in hopes that the lighters of your heart will be raised in accession with these two quirky little goofs who have finally found one another.

If this review sounds judgmental towards these characters, it’s because it is. And that’s due to the film having absolutely no respect for its peripheral characters. There is room for films with one-dimensional characters who are completely secondary to the story, the special effects or even the music. Those are usually big, dumb blockbusters that aren’t expected to show any humanity towards anyone, treating people like chess pieces. But “The Giant Mechanical Man” wants so badly for you to like its central duo that it pitifully writes every other character as a one-dimensional tremendous jerk that couldn’t possibly understand these very special people. Not only is that deeply manipulative, dramatically stacking the deck for our lead characters, therefore making any “difficult” decisions look somewhat easy, but it also violates the tenets of basic storytelling, in that you should have respect for each and every character.

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