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“You’ve Been Trumped” is new documnetary 2012 movie. It is directed by Anthony Baxter.Watch online You’ve Been Trumped movie in Full HD/DVD/ipod/divX All Qualities are Here Movie Review (Synopsis): After the Scottish Government overturns its own environmental laws to give Donald Trump the green light to build a golf resort on an untouched Scottish coastline, the stage is set for an extraordinary summer of discontent, as the bulldozers spring into action. Water and power is cut off, land disputes erupt, and some residents have thousands of tonnes of earth piled up next to their homes. In this David and Goliath story for the 21st century, a group of proud Scottish homeowners take on celebrity tycoon Donald Trump as he buys up one of Scotland’s last wilderness areas to build a golf resort.Anthony Baxter’s powerful, unashamedly partisan documentary pitches a number of principled Davids against this gammon-faced, lizard-eyed, overcombed Goliath. The story begins in 2006, when Trump first set his sights on the Menie Estate, just north of Aberdeen, as a home to Trump International Golf Course. His vision: a £1bn investment to build “the world’s greatest golf course” with hotels, apartments and villas. There was a problem, however. The dunes (pictured below) are a designated wilderness environment given accolade status. Not only do they have unique scientific value, they are also home to numerous forms of wildlife. Trump’s first application, therefore, was rejected by the local council on the grounds that it failed the sustainable development test “in spades”, according to Green councillor Martin Ford. Then something unprecedented occurred: the Scottish Government called in the application, taking it out of the council’s hands. This has never happened before. They reversed the original veto and gave the project the green light. The estate is in First Minister Alex Salmond’s constituency. In that regard, You’ve Been Trumped concerns a past issue that deserved greater scrutiny than it did at the time. Anthony Baxter’s film can hardly be credited as being impartial, but it has accomplished a daunting task in giving a voice to a handful of individuals who were often without one when it mattered. As well as hearing of a unique scientific site’s destruction, we watch residents’ water and power being cut off, their homes threatened, and thousand pound invoices land on their doorstep, while Trump goes on frequent two-minute tirades about one “disgusting pig” living in “slum-like conditions”. Another British documentary with a sporting connection looks at the outrageous shenanigans involved in the US property tycoon Donald Trump constructing a golf course near Aberdeen, in the constituency of Scottish leader Alex Salmond, no less. Superficially, this is a tub-thumper, a stonking panto smackdown between Donald Trump, riding roughshod over the law and the landscape in his bid to build a colossal golf course in Aberdeenshire, and the revolted locals fighting compulsory purchase. You’ve Been Trumped works rousingly as that: first-time director Anthony Baxter neatly marshals arguments and wrangles warring sides. He’s helped by the scale of the hubris on display: the toadying and the arrogance, the cheek of the villains and the charm of their victims. But Trumped finds breath for subtler touches to make a complex portrait of a singular wilderness. It treads lightly on the earth: an example, as well as an education. The links will open later this month, but Anthony Baxter’s film charts the ecological and political destruction wrought during its years of planning. Sentimental, angry and sad in the manner of Michael Moore’s early films, it could also be a terrific feature, a John Sayles movie maybe, although it’s possible no one would believe a character as odious as the villain of this piece. The film chronicles a David-and-Goliath tale as Trump sets his sights on building a lavish golf complex — including two courses, hotels and time-share apartments — in an environmentally sensitive area near Aberdeen, Scotland. The movie reports on how the Scottish government wound up overruling local planners and councils. That allowed Trump to bulldoze the dunes and build the first of two projected golf courses on the Menie Estate in Aberdeenshire. The process, which “Trumped” chronicles, began in 2005, when the New York mogul bought the 1,400-acre Menie Estate, an environmentally protected area on Scotland’s east coast. A year later, Trump announced his intention to build the golf courses and resort — a plan that was rejected by local planning boards in 2007, only to be overruled the same year by the government. One of the most disturbing sequences shows the picture’s softly-spoken director, Anthony Baxter, being handcuffed and bundled off to the slammer for simply asking a few awkward questions of Trump’s local representative; specifically why local farmer and Trump irritant-in-chief, Michael Forbes, had lost his water supply for a whole week. One very funny scene sees him hijack a press conference after Trump receives an honorary doctorate from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, a spectacular bit of toadying from an academic establishment that should know better. Baxter shoots down Trump’s claims about creating thousands of local jobs; most of the construction workers are in fact Irish. Intercut with scenes from Bill Forsyth’s Local Hero – which was filmed in the area – the film is a classic David and Goliath story that follows the resistance of a plucky group of locals who refuse to sell out to Trump and live under the threat of compulsory purchase orders. Trump bought the land on the Menie Estate, eight miles north of Aberdeen, in 2005, but his plans to construct two golf courses, a luxury hotel and 1,500 holiday homes were initially rejected by the local council before being overturned after an unprecedented intervention by the Scottish government in November 2008. Baxter’s film takes up the story as construction gets away, observed from the perspective of anxious neighbours, including farmer and salmon fisherman Forbes, his 88-year-old mother Molly and a one-time producer for The Clash, Mickey Foote. 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