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Drinking and Washing in Cabernet Sauvignon

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Science verified consuming a glass of red alcohol, similar to Cabernet Sauvignon, is very good for the heart. The beauty sector found grape seeds and pulp as powerful components for body scrub along with other “age defying” goods. A number of health and fitness professionals took it a step further by saying that aside from consuming, washing in alcohol is the ideal method to absorb its health advantages.

Numerous grape seeds and skin get wasted during the winemaking operation. Grape seed oil from crushed seeds goes into generating cosmetic goods and wellness supplements. Wine concept spas started functioning around vineyards in Europe, Africa, and South America during the last ten years. They offer grape pulp body scrubs, Champagne facials, alcohol deep massages, and alcohol baths using well-liked types similar to Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Merlot.

Les Sources de Caudalie (the first alcohol spa, or vinotherapy) started out in 1999 in Bordeaux at the Chateau Smith-Haute-Lafitteestate. Owners Mathilde Cathiard-Thomas and Bertrand Thomas discovered polyphenols seen in discarded grape seeds have extraordinary ability to deal with toxins and prevent the aging process. The free-radical defense from polyphenols is unequalled in the plant world.

The couple takes credit for perfecting the solution and regimen, despite the fact that grapes have long been recognized to acquire anti-aging components. With a stabilized grape-seed polyphenol patent and their expertise in alcohol making, the notion for Caudalie was developed.

Wine Spa Tourism

Wine excursions and spa are fantastic sightseeing attractions in alcohol regions. Individuals stop by to taste the alcohol and relax themselves. The idea of alcohol spa is reasonably new in Australia, but some day spas around wine makers in Yarra Valley and Margaret River wineries start to supply vinotherapy.

Several spas have their own signature treatment options. During alcohol bath, as an example, a few customers relax in tubs with their chosen alcohol variety. Various other spas try and make it more legitimate by submerging the person in a alcohol barrel. Sante Winelands Wellness Center in South Africa, meanwhile, has the Shiraz or Chardonnay cocoon wraps.

Clients enjoy luxury accommodations and aselection of the region’s best alcohol. Imagine a room with a view of the vineyards and see yourself relaxing in your balcony with a goblet of Cabernet Sauvignon. Spa goers may also participate in other grape-related activities similar to the stomping festival at the end of harvest, grape picking, and indulging in “detoxifying” grape-only diet.

Experience Luxury

Ask the estates for the nearest day spa offering vinotherapy when you take a tour of Margaret River wineries or other Aussie alcohol regions. Start with a grape seed facial or body rub if you are new to the concept. You may also ask for a red alcohol bath to rejuvenate your skin. Take a sip of the local Chardonnay while you’re at it and feel similar to royalty. Experts say even Cleopatra believed washing in alcohol will keep her young and beautiful.

As in consuming, take your alcohol cure moderately. When you are not gulping it down, remember that your body is still absorbing the tannins and alcoholic content of the alcohol. Numerous spas in addition have exceptional goods you can buy so that you can carry on your healing in your own home. You might also find them online, combined with the best selection of alcohol manufactured in the area. Margaret River wineries, for one, partner with online distributors to sell their best varieties.  Finding grape-based beauty goods from the area can’t be far behind.

Charles Cressey writes about Margaret River wineries and well-liked alcohol varieties similar to Cabernet Sauvignon.


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