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Dual Bevel Sliding Miter’s — Wishing for “The best of” Virtue.

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I can remember back to the time when saws like delta, craftsman, brought us high-end tools in a metal case. I am not saying that I don’t encourage the changes and new technologies. What I really miss is how tools back then were created to the best of their potential and not engineered with a life span. Back then the companies did many things they could to bring you a high-end product. these days, with the move of tools to China, and expanded greed, it has become acutely hard to find good products.

A lot of tools at present just aren’t formed with the same level of sincerity as tools of a generation ago. That is most tools have lost that level of truthfulness. But not all all. One enterprise that continues to give its best in terms of quality and new technologies is Bosch. Bosch brings to the table with its German change, a level of design that was starting to become deficient in the tool industry. Far too many of the brands have been compromising on design and they think that we haven’t noticed. As these companies have heightened profits by decreasing the variety of their productand they think we haven’t observed.

It’s really admirable that we have one corporation still concerned with every aspect in terms of pride in product. One instance of this is the Bosch 5412 Dual Bevel Sliding miter saw. The Bosch compound sliding mitre saw is made with a simply awesome 3 horsepower generator that procuces legendary performance. In addition to having breathtaking power, this is saw runs quiet, and is uncommonly fluid. If this motor reminds me of the ability and smoothness of a high-end sports car.

I put on a thin-kerf carbide blade and this saw can essentially cut any frail material without any issues! I have used this saw to cut ultra fragile veneers without any problems. This saw has a large back guide that is ideal for cutting giant crown mouldings on an angle for proper cut alignment. The was the blade comes forward then drops down into the cut it flawless for cutting big mouldings that are much taller then the usual moulding.

This saw even has a laser that points literally where the saw will cut for more expedient saw positioning. I have modified mine to come on with a pressure switch rather than needing to turn on the motor, this alteration allows me to speedily line up my work on the saw. The saw has a great saw brake that stops the blade in an fraction of a second after letting go of the switch further emphasizing safety.

All in all this saw is powerful, amazingly smooth, and created well. I have used this saw on untold jobs to cut numberless varieties of mouldings. This saw has saved me time and money by getting my applications done in record time. When I work with the Bosch Compound Sliding Mitre Saw I feel like the saw functions with me. Before some saw didn’t seem like they were really “thought out” that well and were hard to comprehend to maneuver. The Bosch sliding miter saw is not the same, It’s like they took all the other saws and repaired upon their issues making a saw that is a pleasure to work with and is fabulously easy to adjust and set up.

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  • Posted On July 12, 2012
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