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Dutch Passion weed strains

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Dutch Passion is a world renowned weed manufacturing company in Amsterdam. It was formed by a person named Henk in 1987. The company is well known for its quality of weed in the industry today. It offers a huge array of marijuana seeds of all strains. If you are novice marijuana grower, then growing Dutch Passion seeds will definitely be worthwhile for you. Irrespective of the types, you can easily find both indoor and outdoor types of Dutch Passion marijuana seeds. The Dutch Passion marijuana seeds are available at various prices and can be found excessively in the market. Some of the best Dutch Passion strains are classified below for your effective purchase.

Types of Dutch Passion Seed Strains:

Dutch Passion Blueberry Seeds:

Dutch Passion has brought to you the new developed Blueberry seeds from unique genetics. The blueberry seeds generates great amount of weed buds under proper conditions. It comes mostly in indica form with 80% of its concentration. It comes with a THC level of 20% and offers strong effects like no other seed strain. The grown weed from this type of seed offers great euphoric high effects with a sweet fruity taste of blueberry itself. This Dutch Passion Blueberry Seed strain is long lasting and can be stored for a long time. Purchasing this type of seed is definitely advisable for growing marijuana.

Dutch Passion Super Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds:

The Super Haze Feminized Cannabis Seed is another Dutch Passion classic. It is the winner of the High times cup of the year 1992. It is also formerly known as Skunk/Haze. This type of seed strain is a 100% real sativa, which offers great uplifting effects and is incredibly powerful. The seed strain generates great amount of marijuana buds and offers a sweet aroma of Haze. It offers a flowering period of 9 to 10 weeks. It is one of the best strains for most of the Dutch Passion marijuana users.

Dutch Passion White Widow:

The Dutch Passion White Widow is one of the pungent marijuana seeds in the world. It comes with a THC content of 19%, which is strong enough to take you over in just minutes. It is one of the rewarding types of seed strains in Holland. It is in fact rated top in most of the coffee shops in the country. This type of seed strain appears in white and green colors. It is very soft to inhale and generates high effects, once it is taken.

Dutch Passion Mazar Feminized Seeds:

The Mazar feminized seeds is an improved version of the Afghan skunk. It offers soft taste and generates a good number of plants. Even though, the plants are short but it is a pure indica form. The grown plants contain almost 20% of THC concentration and start flowering in between 9-10 weeks. Besides, the weed buds impact high, when they are smoked. It helps in treatment of Asthma, pain and many other medical problems. Therefore, it should be definitely tried once as it is a unique marijuana strain.

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