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East Anglian Wedding Locations

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Many details and effort are put into the wedding itself, the wedding dress, the bridesmaids, the food, and sometimes, location is thought of as a secondary topic, and mostly as a financial topic. The wedding locations can make or break your wedding, no matter how much detail and effort you have put into the other aspects of the wedding. All you need is the wrong location, to put guests and yourself in the wrong mood. Therefore, budget is a great consideration, but the right location should not be sacrificed for savings.

There are two locations to be considered when thinking about your wedding. The location where the marriage will take place and the location where the reception will take place as well. Many couples are combining both events in one, not only for budget considerations, but also for convenience. It is convenient for guests to enjoy both events at one location, especially guests that are travelling from afar, or are not familiar with the area.

The location will depend in part, on how traditional a wedding you want to have. For the most traditional bride, the ceremony will take place on a church, usually the bride’s church, and the reception at a popular locale.

For less traditional couples, the choices are many. Many couples opt for having a fun day at their wedding and some go totally against tradition. Some are more adventurous and unique on their choices. It is not unheard of couples getting married at cemeteries, on a balloon ride, at the exact spot where they met, and even at a cruise. Other couples have gotten married while parachuting of a plane and landing where all the guests are waiting for them on the ground. These are all over the top and unique ways to select a location for a wedding ceremony, but after all, it is the couple’s wedding day, their special day and they should celebrate it however, they please.

For other popular locations, beach weddings have become a favourite of many couples, and usually the reception is at a hotel nearby. Other couples choose a park or garden wedding, and chairs and tables are set up in different areas to separate the reception and ceremonial spaces. This is one of the most convenient weddings for everyone, as you go from one area to the next. Many brides want to spend their last day as a single woman in the home they grew up, so they choose their home as the place for the ceremony and the reception. This is convenient if the home is large and the place is suitable for the number of guests invited.

Another popular location is having a farm wedding. Many farms can be rented to have a country wedding where the ceremony and the reception areas will be set up on the farm. This is also a convenient way to celebrate a wedding. Most care should be put into making the location a beautiful and comfortable place for the guests as well as for the bride and groom.

For more popular stunning wedding locations across East Anglia; here is a list of fun places for a wedding. Wedding Venues Essex and Suffolk

Le Talbooth – Idyllic position beside the river Stour
Maison Talbooth – Perfect for an exclusive use house party
The Pier Hotel – For a harbourside wedding
Milsoms – luxury contemporary property
Kesgrave Hall – Georgian mansion setting
Hengrave Hall – Tudor mansion setting
Braxted Park – Unique Queen Ann house set in parkland
Spains Hall – Stunning 19th century coach house and stables
Trinity Park – Stylish and contemporary
Colchester Town Hall – Britain’s oldest recorded town

Most important, choose a location that the both of you love for the special day, while making the guests comfortable and at ease. has over 50 years experience in wedding planning.

Wedding Locations
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