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Easy Meal Planning for Convenient Family Dinners

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Most people don’t plan meals in advance. In the process, they miss out many benefits of meal planning that include:

1.    You save time. No more brainstorming for recipes every time you need to prepare dinner. No more return trips to the grocery store for forgotten ingredients.

2.    You save money. No impulse buys – you only buy the items on your grocery list. Every item that you will buy will go towards family meals. Also, the less you go out to eat, the more money the family saves.

3.    Manage your health better. You will have more success sticking to a healthy diet if you plan out your meals in advance.

Making healthy meal plans simpler

If your idea of creating healthy meal plans involves flipping through dozens of cookbooks then writing out recipes of your choice on paper, then you’re mistaken. Today, in 2012, the internet makes meal planning easier than ever before and MealEasy streamlines the entire process into a few clicks of the mouse. This site is driven to provide its members with convenience and healthy meal choices. In just a few simple steps, you create a week’s worth of delicious and healthy meals.

1.    Select the recipes you prefer.

2.    Enter the quantity for portions.

3.    Request and print your shopping list.

Creating healthy meal plans has never been this easy! Whether you’re a busy mom, someone trying to lose some weight or someone wanting to switch to a healthier lifestyle, MealEasy’s online meal planner is the most convenient way to go.

Total control of your health and your budget   

With MealEasy, you can easily stay on top of your budget and your health needs. MealEasy offers five types of meal plans. After choosing your meal plan, customize it to fit your specific dietary needs, taste preferences, and budget. In the My Preferences page, options include calorie ranges, costs, control portions, and foods to avoid. There’s also a wide variety of cuisines to choose from, ranging from local to international selections.

There are hundreds of freezer-friendly meals to choose from and even when you’re away or busy you can ensure that the family gets nutritious meals all the time. Cook meals during the weekend or during your free time, then store them in the freezer. When someone’s hungry, all they need to do is reheat the pre-cooked meal instead of ordering out for food.

MealEasy features over 1,500 chef-designed meals. Learn more about how MealEasy can help you save money and achieve your health goals by visiting

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