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EC Griffith – Benefits of a Family Owned Business

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There are four strong advantages of as a family owned and operated business that EC Griffith Real Estate Solutions benefits from: common values, loyalty, stability and strong commitment. It is thanks to a commitment to these 4 qualities that have been allowed us to operating for over 100 years as well as helped us earn the 2010 family enterprise of the year award introduced by the Wake Natrual enviroment Family Business center.

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Common Values: We have been a family not only in blood vessels but also in spirit. Every one of our staff members is not just joining our own business but also our house. During the hiring process all of us make sure that qualified candidates not only meet each of our internal needs, and also share the same thinking now how things ought to be done. This helps build an organization that shares an identical purpose and pride in what we do, which translates to better service to all our customers.

Loyalty:Family loyalty as well as determination has allowed us all to work through tough economic times while others have crumbled under the pressure. The success comes in our ability to come together whenever times get tough and to work out fresh strategies to how the company should move forward. This became especially helpful following your company as well as the nation took a huge hit during the Great Despression symptoms. Our companies capability to put egos aside and come up with a new business design better tailored for the economic implications of the financial depression is really a testament to why loyalty is important in running a successful business. The particular advancement of the company along with the community comes before everything else.

Stability:Due to the fact our business is staying passed from one generation to another, the importance of leaving our purposes with a company that’s stronger than we all inherited it is a main concern. This means that long term preparing and stability takes a front seat in every our business choices. This helps to ensure that each of our future family members along with customers can trust us being all around for a very long time.

Solid Commitment:In the pursuit of building a long lasting loved ones enterprise we are more prone to put in extra a long time and effort to help be sure that our company is offering our clients the best providers we have to offer. We take great delight in continuing a new tradition of superiority and helping to make certain that when we pass it on to the younger generations it is actually stronger than when we were took demand.

A family business with a century of staying strength is an achievement any business can be proud of. For 3 generations now, EC Griffith has had a company from its humble beginnings and changed it into one among Charlotte’s leading Commercial real estate as well as Residential real estate companies. We are proud of the 100 years of service and also commitment to the Charlotte now area, but all of us driven to make another 100 even better.

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