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I’ve always believed that education is the one thing which can change the world. Education gives you value because the more you know, the more you can earn and the more you can help other people make a difference in their lives. Education also gives you opportunity and clever, well-informed people don’t stand for poor, corrupt leaders.

Traditionally, access to a quality education has been reserved for the privileged elite, but with the Internet and, in particular, the mobile web, change is upon us.

Online education is taking the world by storm. It has largely begun with entrepreneurial education and online marketing companies are some of the global pioneers in this space. Slowly we are seeing an evolution from a focus on corporate mind set into the more elementary side of human knowledge in the areas of health wealth and wisdom.

Take Wealth Masters International for example. They offer holistic home study educational packages that teach you things that are not taught in colleges. They provide you with incredible knowledge and informational materials that are normally reserved only for the ultra wealthy at a fraction of the cost of a college education. Their powerful inspirational audios and video webinars make you feel like you are surrounding yourself daily with the best minds in the world as teachers and mentors that you won’t find anywhere else. Many of these eye opening subjects are outlined in the financial strategies training & education section of the Expert Financial Training website.

I am also tremendously inspired by the Empower Network which allows anyone to learn how to be successful in business, especially in online marketing which has become the hottest new trend around the world. They teach personal enhancement, winning potentials, expert marketing techniques and anything you need to know about being a professional Home Business Entrepreneur.

At Empower Network, you can get well educated at home in less than 12 months and start being your own boss making executive income in just a short time with today’s massively populated web. When you compare this to a college education that takes 4 years of your life of struggling with theory and little training, not to mention the high cost just to become a corporate robot, I’d prefer in today’s economy, the Empower Network.

Thousands including me, have already been able to massively improve their wealth, health and wisdom through these perfectly timed educational masterpieces online, so all you have to do to be one of them, is go to Google and search for your educational areas of interest and study what comes up. The great thing about the two programs that I mentioned above are that these learning programs show you how to make money while you are learning

This is massive! The impact of these online educational systems and their altruistic peers will be profoundly felt for hundreds of years to come. I am convinced that our descendants will look back on this time and say that is when the change began – the chance to grow ourselves became available to ANYONE no matter their background.

Information is power and education allows you to make the most of that information. We really do live in exciting times; let’s take a moment out of the craziness in our lives to acknowledge that.

Yours in continuous learning, Edward Walter

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