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Effective Extra accessories for Cyclists: Rechargeable Power Packs and More

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Carrying your mobile phone while biking looked unrealistic before. There was always a risk of them falling out of your pockets or bags. On longer trips, its batteries may even be used up. Luckily, companies such as Wahoo came up with items that make life easier for bike riders, just like gadget mounts and rechargeable power packs.

Bicycle Mounts

What’s the point of carrying your iPhone along with you if it’s stuck in your bag? By using a Biologic bike mount to safeguard your iPhone on your handle bars lets you see and utilize it with ease. It lets you see your biking programs such as your heart monitor, GPS map, and distance or speed trackers. Glancing at your iPhone while biking is alright every now and then, but don’t forget to stop when you need to tinker with it. Letting go of a handlebar, for just a second or two, is bad.

Battery chargers

Power can be an issue for apple iphones, especially if you keep your programs running during your entire bike trip. Making use of your programs regularly is bound to drain the battery, even when you made certain to charge it prior to leaving your residence. Unlike other cellular phones, you can’t bring an extra battery with you to change your iPhone’s drained battery. You must bring a portable charger, or better yet, utilize a rechargeable iPhone case. By using a rechargeable case is more handy, as you don’t have to carry it in a separate bag or pouch after fixing it to your iPhone.

Another handy selection is a rechargeable power pack. These packs include a built-in strap, which lets you attach onto your bike securely. They’re more versatile than iPhone-specific chargers, as they can charge any device using a USB cable. You can use a power pack to recharge your mobile phones (even if it isn’t an iPhone), GPS units, or even your cameras.

Dry Bags

Exposure to moisture and dirt may ruin your iPhone. You should protect your iPhone with a dry bag if you expect to bike in the rain or pass through dusty terrain. These dry bags keep your iPhone safe and dry, while still allowing you to view and use your touch screen. Some of these dry bags also double as bike mounts.


Sometimes it’s hard to wear earphones while biking. The wires could tangle or get caught on something as you ride. Having speakers attached to your bike lets you enjoy your playlist without the added trouble of dealing with earphones. Make sure to keep your music to a moderate volume, though, to avoid inconveniencing the people (and possibly animals) you pass by.

Various types of speakers, chargers, dry bags, and bike mounts make it easier to bring your iPhone on your next biking trip. Make sure to choose the appropriate gadgets for your type of iPhone, though. Extra accessories for a third-generation iPhone will not fit extra accessories for an iPhone 4S, and vice versa.


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