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Egypt Tours

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Egypt is a land of mystique and eternal delight. In fact, it is one of the few places on Earth, which never fails to amaze people no matter how many times they have been to the place. The establishment of Egypt was centuries ago, and was one of the hotspots of international trade.Hence, if you take Egypt Tours, you will find through the culture and artifacts that the country is an amalgamation of myriad other civilizations in its own little way.

Brief about Egypt:

For many, Egypt tours mean only a few prominent cities such as Cairo, pyramids and the Sphinx. However, there is much more than what meets the eye. These tours offer you a glimpse of Egypt, which is mesmerizing and can take you months to cover. The history of the place is extremely rich and the lives of people will surely evoke a feeling of respect and awe in you. There are separate Cairo tours as well which exclusively cover the city and local areas nearby. These tours work very well for the people as they can concentrate on one particular city and absorb the flavors of the local life. You can cover the following places while you are on the Cairo tours:

Saqqara, which is a burial site.

The colorful El Khalili Bazaar.

The stepped pyramids.

The mosque of sultan Hassan.

The madrasa (center for Islamic studies) nearby.

For many tourists, these Cairo Tours are the best way to know the myriad shades and imperative places in a short time. Many of these places such as the mosque and madrasa have great importance, as they are fine works of Islamic architecture.

Why choose Egypt Day Tours over others?

This is a question, which can be answered only after you have had a taste of our Egypt tours. We, at Egypt Day Tours, provide you with smart and sophisticated tour guides who not only know what to show but also have a lot in store in terms of knowledge about the place. The guides will give you rare information about the origin of the place as well as its customs and beliefs, which were prevalent in those days. This information tends to make you comprehend the lifestyle of the bygone era.

To know more about the culture of Egypt, one of the best ways is to go for the guided Egypt tours. These tours will take you to different exotic places like desert safaris, oasis and a plethora of other interesting places. You can also go on a shopper’s trip to the local markets during your Cairo tours and explore the buyer’s haven for jewelry and other artifacts.

Attar is Egypt author. He provids tours offers you a wide selection of trips and excursions in Egypt. He has applied his knowledge and understanding to a wide variety of Egypt Tours and Cairo Tours.


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