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Egyptian Bara wolf amid the sugar cane fields

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of wolf anxiety of farmers there. Was able to farm the Egyptian Mahmoud Temple of wrestling wolf amid the sugarcane region of the island of Qurna west of Luxor, after being attacked by a wolf. But farm use Coma (stick thick) and beat out the wolf beaten to death. The wolf was able to before the infection of five farmers in the region. wrote President Barack Obama a letter of apology for students absent from the prescribed course to see him. and the absence of the student Tyler Sullivan, 11, last Friday to see Obama during visit the factory “HONEYWELL” in Golden Valley, Minnesota. When it was over the president from delivering his speech, took advantage of the student the opportunity of meeting Bhoqal Sullivan, “I was sitting in the front row and I was very enthusiastic and I had the opportunity to shake hands,” adding that the president asked him about his absence from school. And take Obama then the pad of a presidential official to take notes and wrote him a message on what seems to Director of the school, “Mr. Ackerman, please Tyler excused because he was with me. Barack Obama,” then signed the letter.

Company said Megros Swiss it plans to develop the distinctive marks on the goods-producing Israeli settlements from next year, the company said – the second largest wholesale trade in Switzerland – they told the competent Swiss authorities of its decision as reported by the newspaper Le Matin in its edition on Sunday. Justified the company’s decision to Israeli settlements in the eyes of the United Nations and the Federal Council (Swiss government) remain illegal under international law. While critics see the move as governed by the desire of the company to improve its image in public opinion, said Megros The decision came after deep thought, and pointed to a discussion topic with the Secretariat of Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs. and a company spokesman said that the Swiss government to respect the legal right to consumer information source, which came from food products. On May 22 / May, announced last DENMARK they will urge the companies trade on the marking of food commodities coming from Israeli settlements, and said It followed the lead of Britain. and one day before the statement Denmark, defended the Minister of Trade of the Republic of South Africa Rob Davis for his country’s decision highlights the goods of Israeli settlements, so as to clarify that it produced in the occupied Palestinian land. explained Davis that after writing cards on the products of the settlements would leave it for consumers to decide if they will buy these products or not. intended decisions mentioned products are manufactured by Israeli companies in settlements built on Palestinian land occupied West Bank since 1967. Many companies started to disclose about the latest computer products put to work up Language 8 of the Microsoft Corporation, and before four months of the launch is likely the final version of the new operating system.

In this context, the Web site, “CNET” website point person on technology that Acer Taiwan revealed a group of its manufactured specifically for the operating system, Windows 8, in the gallery Komboutks 2012 in the capital Taipei. And the company introduced two computers super-thin (ultrabooks) of a series of Aspire S 7 (Aspire S7), and work-based and Windows 8 and touch screen measuring 13 inches and 11.6 inches. It features two devices body unified aluminum and screen-width high-precision folding 180 degrees to the back. Also revealed left for two computers librarians comprehensive two Aspire 7600 U (Aspire 7600U), which comes with a screen measuring 25 inches and Aspire 5600 U (Aspire 5600U) that comes with screen measuring 23 inches. the first device and supports nearly 64 points touch from all angles, allowing the use of more than one person at the same time. Featuring Hasta Alhessobn offer high precision and technology, Dolby sound, it also allows determination they be placed on the desk or Tercibama on the wall In the area of ??tablet PCs, the company introduced a Aicua W. 700 (Iconia W700) which is characterized by a display high-resolution measurement of 11.6-inch, and the framework allows Read from multiple angles as well as three ports of the carrier USB (USB). also features a computer tablet second Aicua W. 510 (Iconia W510) touch screen measuring 10.1 inches, and the possibility of recycling the device to 295 degrees, which allows Presentations and watch video or browse the web . While approaching run-off elections, the Egyptian presidency, he returned many to claim the need to accelerate the Constitutional Court to consider the law which imposes unarmed political on some of the symbols of the former regime, including Ahmed Shafik, who is running-off in the face of Dr. Mohamed Morsi, but experts and followers emphasized that the decisive constitutional before run-off seems impossible.

And supports the Tribunal’s denied the rumors about the health of the session, scheduled for June 11 for the consideration of this appeal referred to in the Law on the Exercise of Political Rights and the media is known as the “law of political isolation”, will see the chapter on the constitutionality of this law. He acknowledged the Egyptian Parliament law that prohibits candidacy symbols ousted president Hosni Mubarak for the presidency, and ratified by the military junta, which has led to the exclusion of Shafiq of the presidential race as he was head of the last governments in the Mubarak era before being ousted by popular revolt. But the Supreme Committee for the presidential election returned and issued a decision has sparked a lot, for the return of Shafiq of the race with referral law to the Constitutional Court to show the conformity or incompatibility with the Constitution. Ruled out, an analyst who specializes in judicial affairs Tharwat Shibley be resolved by the Constitutional Court is in session, scheduled for next week and said that this The meeting is the second held by the Commissioners Court to consider the appeal, and as has been the work of the Court, of the set to hold the meeting or other meetings before they begin to prepare its final report, which allocate it to the court hearing the matter and issue its ruling in it. The Shelby that the court must wait to transmit the report of the College of Commissioners to it, although it is not bound by the introduction of what it said, noting that the expected time to complete the report of the Commission will not be less under any circumstances for two months, which means the end of the judicial year and the need to wait for the judicial year of the new starts in October / October or the previous month at the latest.

And on the potential power expected in the case, said Shelby to the court if she refuses to consider the appeal or ruled the constitutionality of the law passed by parliament, “this means the inevitability of political isolation of Shafiq, and therefore if he had won the presidency, it is imperative to remove him and re-elections with the participation of all candidates of ethnic tenth of others, but if Mercy is the President does not affect his position. “If the court ruled the law unconstitutional, it means not to prejudice the outcome of the presidential election resulted in the victory, whether or Shafiq Mercy. Essam agree with the overall Islambouli the view of the Shelby, but he disagrees with the effects of the constitutionality of rule of law, where it is believed that this arrange re-election even if the run-off has resulted in the victory at the expense of Mercy Shafiq. He explained that if he lost Shafiq run-off and then Court upheld the constitutionality of the law of segregation, this means that the rest of the candidates, led by Hamdeen Sabahi third-placed, may have been affected due to the presence of Shafiq in the first round of elections, which has achieved the second place, and therefore it must be re-election as a whole. With regard to the date of resolution of the Constitutional Court for an order, do not expect Islambouli be done soon because of the actions which the law should be taken into account, and stresses of the island revealed that even if the court merely one month is August / August next holiday summer will not be enough to settle the lawsuit before the end of the current judicial year. Islambouli He explained that he will in his capacity as lawyer for the morning to apply to intervene in the hearing scheduled next week to urge the College of Commissioners on the speed of the discount, but he said the island he did not expect a response from the court.

He said that the current impasse resulted primarily from Article 28 of the Constitutional Declaration, which protects all the decisions of the Election Commission and prevent the appeal it, and that without the material was easy to appeal to the administrative court’s decision re Shafiq of the presidential race, despite the comprehensive nature of the law of Watch True Blood Season 5 Episode 7 Online isolation.


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